McLaren freehand lifted 853 kg at the Sainz stop

Woking mechanics had to perform this action to balance the MCL34, substantially damaged after the touch of Nico Hulkenberg.

"Big drawers" . This peculiar expression of Lando Norris could be used to detail the action that McLaren's mechanics executed during the first stop of Carlos Sainz at the Singapore Grand Prix 2019.

Because the members of the Woking team had to Raise the 853 kilograms of the MCL34 number 55, significantly lower on one side than the other after the touch of Nico Hulkenberg on curve 5 of Marina Bay in his attempt to overtake Sainz, to change the right rear tire punctured of Madrid .

A heroic action that lasted more than a minute, since men equipped with orange monkeys needed to use even special side levers that level the function of cats to complete this work, which Lee Mathurin wanted to remember ironically on his official 'Twitter' profile: "I think I need to go back to the gym or earn some Weight 222222 I was above the car, I began to push down, the tires were removed and I climbed up. 222222 The center point was very high because of the flat tire ".

Up to 20 points of aerodynamic loading lost Carlos Sainz in the Asian test . A deficit, estimated at around half a second per lap, that did not prevent the Spaniard from fighting until the checkered flag to recover the lost lap. "Big drawers," as Norris would paraphrase.

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