Márquez would close the title winning in Aragon and Thailand

With 93 points ahead, only one catastrophe will take you away from your eighth crown and with two more wins it won't matter what your rivals do.

We said at the end of Silverstone's career, two weeks ago, that as Márquez was going, with a bomb-proof regularity, he could take the pleasure of arriving with a ball of title at the appointment of Thailand, even with five races to be played. Well, after his triumph in Misano, the seventh of the season, it is already clear that two victories in Aragon and Thailand would proclaim him mathematically champion for the eighth time. Dovizioso, the first of his pursuers, and leaves from here heading to Alcañiz, where he will run next Sunday at one o'clock at noon, with 93, his dorsal, after the lazy sixth of the Italian. 222222 Thus, to become champion of the circuit of Buriram needs to increase its advantage by at least 100 points and there are several ways to get it, but the most direct, which shortens all roads and does not matter the result of Ducati, is the victory. 222222

Se it gives the circumstance that Márquez has won in the circuit of Alcañiz four of the six races he has played there of MotoGP, in addition to another one in Moto2, and in the Thai track Last year he won the premiere of this track at the World Cup. It was a duel of the last corner, against Dovizioso precisely. If he is victorious in his next two trips, he will make the races of Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Valencia an idyllic lively holiday with racing Sundays.


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