Márquez: "What about Baptist in SBK? Those things happen"

The champion does not trust despite the 78 points of advantage that takes Dovizioso, the first of his pursuers in the MotoGP general.

Marc Márquez looks calm. The 78 margin points he has over Dovizioso, the first of his pursuers, make him have the sixth MotoGP title on track, but he does not trust, and the example of what he has passed to Bautista in the SBK he has it very present in this GP of San Marino in which the champion is already.


-He arrives with 78 points of advantage in the general. How is the grand prize managed with such income?

-With peace of mind. You have 78 points, you have margin, that you don't want to spend, but you have margin to make some mistake. We will try in the best possible way. We could already have the first contact with this circuit in the tests, and we could see that all Yamaha were very fast, all four, not just Fabio (Quartararo). Fabio was the most, but the rest were very, very fast. And then there were maybe us, the Suzuki and Ducati, maybe a tad from behind. Let's see how it goes this weekend, to see how the track is, and try once again, today, Thursday, to fight for victory.


-He says in English that he doesn't care to win here or in another circuit, but yes that it is true that it is the circuit in which they receive the worst of the year. 222222

-Well, Mugello does not fall short ... (Laughter) .

-More or less on par. Doesn't it give you special satisfaction to be victorious out of here, precisely because of things like that? It is clear that you can fall, but if it happens that it is not for excess of desire. In the end it is a circuit that I am quite good at. Last year I knew how to keep there third, third, and finish second; I won in 2017 in water, because I found it, I found myself well, but it is not that due to excessive motivation I have to win yes or yes. 444444

-Could I work hard for the race in the test or focused more on 2020?

-We work one morning for the race and then everything for the future. We tried several things; We have a motorcycle with a modified tune for here that will see how it goes, but when things are going well the base does not modify it much, you take out one hundred percent, and it is about following in the dynamics that we bring so far: fight for the victory in all races and especially finish them. 444444

-If I had not had gas problems at Silverstone, would I have won the final sprint? Because the bike seemed to accelerate very little ...

-No, no, but it was not for gasoline, gasoline has not been a problem. I have been able to do the whole race one hundred percent and without any problem, that in Honda is very precise. But when you examine the thing a little you see that the tire was consumed one hundred percent.


-We arrived in Italy, we talk a lot about Rossi being next to home, Dovizioso second overall, Quartararo as the new Marquez. How do you approach it from your side?

-Me to mine, in the end for me the championship is the important thing and to those personal duels, in quotes, I give them zero importance, because my personal focus is on the championship, not in a career alone, this is the most important. Of course, the one that worries more about the future is Quartararo, it is the Yamaha pilot who is more fit, although I did not just confirm them with the results, but it is that he is piloting a Yamaha better and it is the one that is going more Quick. Then he lacks experience on Sundays but in the face of a future he is the one I see, today, better. But on motorcycles you never know


-What do you think of Bautista, another Spaniard who had him in the face to win the World Cup, with an incredible advantage, and who later lost his way?

, but this happens. In 2014 I came to win many races, I fell here in Misano, I fell in Aragon, two zeros in a row. And I was lucky there that my rivals also fell. This happens, and more when you have not fought for a championship for many years. When you fight for a championship there is more pressure, everything is different, and managing that is not easy.

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