Marcelino says goodbye to the workforce in Paterna

Mateu Alemany and the Asturian assistants have come to the Sports City to collect their belongings and say goodbye to the team.

The Marcellin era has ended earlier than expected. The technician is saying goodbye right now to what has been his staff almost at the same time that Celades is being presented at Mestalla. The coaching staff is still going to Paterna to collect all their belongings. Rubén Uría and Ismael Fernández, among others, have gone to the Valencian headquarters to empty their box office. Alberto Celades, who signs until 2021, will lead the team from this afternoon. It will be presented at 5:45 p.m. Mateu Alemany is also in Paterna and not in Mestalla.


In addition, the captains are also expected to come. At the moment, José Luis Gayà, Dani Parejo and Rodrigo Moreno have already arrived, and they have done so with the face of few friends.

The staff trains at 19:00 in the afternoon. But in view of Marcelino's dismissal and Celades will be the one to lead the session. In any case, Piccini has gone to Paterna to continue the work of recovering his knee injury.

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