Marc Gasol's incredible 111 game trip

He started the season in his beloved Memphis (53 games), played 50 with the Raptors and this Sunday will meet his 111th match of the season.

In his book 'Travel with Charlie', the Californian journalist and writer John Steinbeck embarked on a 16,000-kilometer road trip in which he crossed 34 states to try to explain the social reality of the United States. 'Trips with Marc Gasol' could make him strong competition if the center of Sant Boi, which would include him as an annex of China, decides to make the memories of this 2018-19 season that he has not yet finished even if he has already started The next. With this Sunday against Argentina, Marc Gasol will play his official 111th match of the course. The first 53 were in his beloved Memphis, where he lived a few months agonizing and emotionally charged. Marc was one more citizen there. One of his children was born on the most famous street in Memphis ...

But in early February 2019, and after a master move by Masai Ujiri well influenced by Sergio Scariolo, Marc arrived in Toronto Raptors to complete the Nick Nurse puzzle , which only four months later signed the feat of becoming the first Canadian franchise to win the ring in the NBA. Marc played another 26 regular season games with Toronto and then 24 games of some very hard playoffs in which he also found hard pivots along the way to finish the ring. He ended up exhausted, "fuming from the bad, burning oil." On June 19 he arrived in Barcelona and on the 26th he was already preparing for the World Cup. 222222

"We are not going to hide"

In an interview granted to AS on August 16, a month ago, Marc anticipated things that only the who were training with the doors of the gymnasium of Saint Bernard High College closed to lime and song: "We have some weapons, special weapons and a style of play that we have not developed and that has never been seen in the National Team and that has things positive, the predisposition of the players to work, the talent that we have ... I think it will be very good, that we don't have the players or the names of talent like Pau and Juan Carlos? hide. But we have a great confidence in what we do. " Seven official matches later, Marc will play the 111th game with the opportunity to be the second player in history to win the ring and the World Cup in the same year (the other is Lamar Odom, former partner of his brother Pau). Like Rudy, Marc would win his second World Cup as a player and even have the option of finishing his tournament with the MVP prize that Ricky also opts for.


"I enjoy helping my teammates," Marc said in the Oriental Sports mixed zone. Shanghai after putting Spain in the semifinal of the World Cup. Marc has undoubtedly done the most difficult thing. Knowing how heavy it is to have to play with that last name behind your back and be the leader of a team without the most populist numbers supporting you. And he has known not to screw up. Heart yeah Gallons, too. But especially head to make numbers that fill statistics. Always choose well. The headlines did not talk about him when Spain won Poland and, however, with him the National Team had a +22 on the court. No one reached that figure.

4 Spain, +13 with Marc Gasol on court

Not even against Australia did he want to abuse. That he launched, scored or not, was not an improvisation. Scariolo wanted it to become a threat to the rival and he did so. When the ketchup finally spread, he not only enjoyed it. It became a threat, the defense had to open up and allow insights and he could also play with its foundations. Play once; knead and pass another; go to the post to the next ... Marc adds 14.4 points per game, 5.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game in the World Cup. But his great fact is not that. His data is that when he is on the court, Spain is 13 points above. 444444

His wisdom is much more precious in these days when fatigue exhausts you and you have to pull the preparation that has been done years ago with, for example , his physical trainer Joaquín Juan. That also helps food, which Marc has become one of the mantras of his sports career. He is the man who grows his own products in his garden but also remembers the moments with his first trainers. Surely in that humility to assimilate the first advice of how to bounce a ball to the last of a magnetic board and the big data that suggests throwing more frontal triple than lateral is the key to this successful trip Marc. But above all there is a head privileged to understand the game and endure moments of extreme pressure such as those two free throws to force the second extension against Australia who did not remember the two that launched his brother with the fifth metatarsal broken on the day of Argentina. "I'll drink 200 beers" ,Marc said the day he won the ring with the Raptors. The thing is to double the bet.


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