Maldonado praises Verstappen's aggressive driving style

"Sometimes I feel that the pilot is not judged for what he is. Why now nobody criticizes him if he is the same boy?" Says the former Williams and Lotus driver.

Before Max Verstappen broke into the Formula 1 World Championship, the foci of the 'Great Circus' focused on Pastor Maldonado. The Venezuelan, who came to play 95 tests with Williams and Lotus, occupied great time of post-race gatherings due to his aggressive driving style.


Four years after playing his last grand prize on board the E23 Hybrid and with the adventure of Resistance as the main focus of motivation after three years of retirement, Maldonado states that the young Dutchman has impressed everyone since day one, while regretting not having possessed a competitive car to show his potential.

"Sometimes I have made mistakes and I have exceeded the limits, not many times I have to say. Never more than the others. I had a lot of pressure from the sponsors because I won once and they wanted to see 20 more wins. Verstappen has impressed everyone since day one He has my style and respect for the rest, but this is mine. 2 No one scares me and I always think that I am the best . Of course I think about it, why compete if not? I have always tried to take out the maximum of everything. I have never had a competitive car to fight against the greats and the only time I had it, "said the Maracay driver.


Likewise, Pastor Maldonado reproaches, in the official Formula 1 podcast, the harsh criticism that Verstappen suffered at the beginning of his career: "Verstappen is a pilot I follow and love his style, not just his speed. He is fast and is one of the future talents of Formula 1. Why the press Did you try to put him on the ropes at the beginning of his career? Sometimes I feel that the pilot is not judged for what he is. Why now nobody criticizes him if he is the same boy? The team is more consistent. It is difficult to point at the beginning because it is new, there is a lot of pressure. Now it has matured and has picked up pace. He is learning to survive Formula 1 ".

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