La crono, Los Machucos, El Acebo and La Cubilla, key events of the week in the Tour

Pau's chrono and the three stages of the Cantabrian triptych with demanding peaks promise strong emotions in addition to a close struggle for the general classification.

This Tuesday starts the second week of the Tour of Spain, which could create great differences in the general classification. The arrival of the chrono benefits the great riders although the climbers will have their opportunity to cut or extend distances in the arrivals high to Los Machucos, the Sanctuary of the Holly or La Cubilla. 444444 Stage 10: Jurançon - Pau (Tuesday, September 3 , CRI)

After the first day of rest, the cyclists will have the only individual chrono of this Tour, with a route of 36.2 kilometers between Jurançon and Pau. The beginning of the route has several steep slopes that alternate with ideal areas for riders before facing a new steep in Saint-Faust. In the final stretch, the flat areas will allow pure time-trialists to expand their income further.


Stage 12: Circuit of Navarra - Bilbao (Thursday, September 5)

After a day with several dimensions on the way to Urdax, the race will arrive in Euskadi with a 171.4 km stage between the Circuit of Navarra and Bilbao. The Alto de Azázeta (3rd, 4.9 km at 3.9%) is presented as the main difficulty in the first 130 kilometers before facing the climbs to the Alto de Urruztimendi (3rd, 2.5 km at 9.2% ), the Alto de El Vivero (3rd, 4.3 km at 7.7%) and the Alto de Arraiz (3rd, 2.2 km at 12.2%), with ramps up to 20%, before of the arrival in the capital of Biscay.

4 Stage 13: Bilbao - Los Machucos (Friday, September 6)

The first great mountain stage of the Cantabrian triptych will cover a 166.4 km route between Bilbao and the final climb to Los Machucos. After leaving from the San Mamés Stadium, the riders will climb in the first 60 kilometers to Alto de la Escrita (3rd, 5.9 km at 4%) and to Alto de Ubal (3rd, 7.9 km at 6% ) before the race hardens with the ascents to the Colón del Asón (2nd, 13 km at 3.9%) and, after its descent, to the Port of Alisas (2nd 8.5 km at 6%). A long descent will take cyclists to La Cavada to face the last 35 kilometers with the climbs to the Puerto de Fuente de las Varas (3rd, 6.3 km at 4.5%) and Puerto de la Cruz de Usaño (3rd , 4.2 km at 4.7%) before arriving at the intermediate sprint of Arredondo to start the final climb to Los Machucos, Special Category port with its 6.8 kilometers to 9.2% and ramps up to 25 % .

Stage 15: Tineo - Santuario del Acebo (Sunday, September 8)

After the day of Oviedo, the second stage of the Cantabrian triptych will arrive with a journey of 154.4 kilometers between Tineo and the arrival to the unpublished Santuario del Acebo. Cyclists will start the traditional climb to Puero del Acebo, 1st category with its 8.2 kilometers at 7.1%, to return again to Cangas del Narcea. From here they will head to Moal to ascend the Puerto del Connio, first class with its 11.7 kilometers to 6.2. After a long descent the runners will arrive at the third port of the day, the Puerto de las Mujeres Muertas, first class with its 11.3 kilometers at 6.8%. A favorable area will take cyclists to Cangas del Narcea to begin the climb by an unprecedented slope to the Sanctuary of Acebo, first class with 7.9 kilometers to 9.7% with ramps that barely lower 10% .

Stage 16: Pravia - Alto de la Cubilla (Monday, September 9)

The Cantabrian triptych will close with a journey of 144.4 kilometers between Pravia and the unprecedented climb to Alto de la Cubilla. After about 50 kilometers relatively quiet, cyclists will climb the Port of San Lorenzo, first class with its 10 kilometers to 8.5%. After a rapid and dangerous descent, the runners will make the ascent to the Alto de la Cobertoria, first class with its 8.3 kilometers at 8.2%. A quick and dangerous descent will take the runners to Pola de Lena and Campomanes to begin the final climb to Alto de la Cubilla, Special Category with its 17.8 kilometers at 6.2% .

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