"We know that Suarez has to take the form in the matches"

Ernesto Valverde spoke of the state of form of '9': "Score goals and everything has its process. Some players have accused fatigue and it is normal," he closed.

Valverde spoke at the end of the game on the microphones of Movistar Liga:

.It was about winning? At home we are playing good games but I think that with Leo's injury everyone has stopped. At home I think we are having a good line ".

Have you missed pace? :" Maybe. You get 2-0 in 15 minutes, you come from playing three days ago ... They had quality and they have made us a great goal and there has been a moment in which they have dominated us and we have not stopped and that has generated uncertainty ".

What do we know about Messi ? : "He has some discomfort in the adductor and we have chosen as a precaution that he did not follow but we have to wait until tomorrow.


How few trainings may have weighed on this new injury? :" cap for him, for Luis and Dembélé. In the end, the season has been short and you have to catch up with the games. But that is difficult because the teams are thrown in shape. "

How do you see Griezmann in his new position? :" We knew when it came that it can move in several positions in the front. He works, he gets involved in the game and we see him well. It's a bit like everyone else, better at home than outside, but every day it's more integrated. It was a match that had to be fastened. "

How do you see Luis Suarez? :" Well. Luis is a player who has been injured, who has to take the form in the matches and we know what he gives us. The questions about Luis were recurring last year but when he gets back the form will help us a lot. Score goals and everything has its process. Some players have accused fatigue and it is normal. He scored two goals ago and now they ask us ".

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