Jesús Navas: "The Qarabag already warned with Atlético"

The captain of Sevilla does not flee from the favoritism of his own but warns of the level of the opponent to not debut with a bad foot in the Europa League.

Jesus Navas, captain of Sevilla, gave an interview to the Azeri website in which he valued this Thursday's game against Qarabag: "I know he drew twice at Atlético de Madrid. No opponent is easy being in Europa League and Besides, we now play at home. We have to go with a lot of respect ".

That double draw, to zero in Azerbaijan and one in Madrid, led to the elimination of the Simeone Champions in the group stage, so Navas wants to go with many precautions: "We may be the favorites but then we have to prove it in the field. Of course we want to win the Europa League again and we will fight, but it is very complicated and we have to win from the first game. We will try to add the first points to start well ".

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