Gerard Moreno is the pichichi and the first 'defender' of Villarreal

The striker, who has recovered this course his best face-to-door version, also signs in each game records that show his commitment and defensive attitude.

Villarreal striker Gerard Moreno has started the league at a good scoring pace, being the undisputed benchmark of the team in attack. But the curious thing about Gerad's numbers is not the attack numbers, which are very good; the funny thing is that it stands out almost more in the defensive facet. 444444

Gerard Moreno is today one of the best defenses of his team, highlighting in the kilometers run, the recovered balls, the fouls made and, above all, in the intensity shown in each ball. Valgacomo data that the player is of the three futbolsitas that more kilometers does each game, surpassing the 10 kilometers by encounter. To this, he adds that it is the thirteenth player that best average of entries and robberies, with an average of 2.3 stolen balls for the match.

commits, with a 7 fouls received and with 5 fouls committed. In the chapter of stolen balls, the striker occupies fifth place in the ranking of his team with 4 steals. To which he adds that he is also the fifth player of the team with more blocked balls, adding two blocked shots to a rival pitcher. 444444

A series of records to which the intense work of the forward in the pressure at the exit of the game is added rival, something that has already been the usual seal since last season. which is tireless in its defensive commitment ”. Something that for the yellow coach is “non-negotiable” and that his teammates must also do. Although he acknowledged that "each player has a profile and a way of doing things, and one of Gerard's great virtues is that in addition to being a great striker, he is a player with a commitment and spectacular defensive work," he said. 444444

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