Garitano: "It would be a mistake to think that we have done something"

Consider in the previous one for Mallorca that with only three games played it is absurd to start drawing conclusions. Praise Núñez, cited by La Roja and third central in Bilbao.

Gaizka Garitano knows that it is not convenient to breastfeed, because in this League the fumes tend to lower you quickly. He admits that Athletic has started well but three games are too little to value, so he understands that "it would be a mistake to think that we have done something" . "We have a line of work and we are not going down much when we are bad or going up when we are well. We maintain a balance. It is the beginning, we have started well and nothing more than that. It will already put us in our place the passage of the days" , analyzed before the last training for the game tomorrow against Mallorca.

Garitano, on his rival, highlighted the "confidence" with which the season has started the vermilion box, which he recalled that he has been "two years in a dynamic very winning, with more or less the same players and the same coach. " "That gives them confidence in what they do. They have started well and although the last game lost - in Mestalla - the image was very good. The newly promoted at the beginning are difficult. But we are optimistic. We have worked well and will try to do good match and win, "he explained. 444444

Garitano advanced that the initial eleven of Son Moix will look quite like the one he aligned in the last game, in the derby against the Royal Society in San Mamés, although it could introduce some variant depending on" the state shape of the players and the nuances of the match. " "Yes, you may need a stationary ball specialist, press higher ... In that aspect we try to study the matches and make the alignment that brings us closer to winning," said the Vizcaino when asked if one of those possible doubts would be the presence in the center of the field of Unai López, as in the last meeting, or of Beñat Etxebarria, headline in Getafe.


Finally, Garitano said he was "delighted" with the three centrals that he has in the squad (Iñigo Martínez , Yeray and Núñéz) and said, asked about the substitution of Núñez in the derby the same day he was called by the absolute team, that "the three are going to play." "Unai played the first two games and did it perfectly, like Iñigo and Yeray. I trust the three and the three will play. When I came, Unai didn't even enter the calls and started playing with us. We all need them a lot. and I have a very high rating of all of them, "he said. 444444

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