Gabi and the € 90,000 he received from Agapito Iglesias: "It was my mistake not to ask for documents or anything ..."

Who was captain of Zaragoza, in the macro-trial of Levante-Zaragoza: "Zaragoza tricked me into signing a premium receipt."

Gabi was the captain of that Zaragoza and it was he who negotiated the premiums with Agapito Iglesias with Jorge López. "They are agreed in November or December with Agapito Iglesias. It was not Ponzio. The team was going very badly and it was agreed as an incentive. It was not considered a bonus until the objective was achieved" .

He assured that it was a verbal agreement with the owner and that he was owed "a lot of money." "I signed this document before my farewell. I read it above and it gives me an added value that recognizes the amounts we received in transfer," he acknowledged in reference to the group premium. While the individual "each signed" .

A Gabi asked the prosecutor in his voluntary statement: 'Do you mean that Zaragoza tricked him ?: "Yes he tricked me into signing a premium receipt," he said. "None of us have received any amount in cash."

And denied that there was a special premium for achieving the objective. "It's not true, it's a lie." In reference to the special bonus, he said that "it also makes no sense" when going to only one group of players. "The captain, the youngest, two foreigners who have just arrived ... it makes no sense. Some cousins have to teach us because we do not trust and the others make them by transfer without warning. It makes no sense," he reflected on to the defense of Zaragoza and Agapito Iglesias. 444444

Regarding the 90,000 euros he received from the entity in two payments, he said that Agapito "told me that he could not have more money in the short term. Within my strangeness, because it is not normal , I left it there and did not give it more importance. It was my mistake. I did not ask for any document or anything ", he confessed and remembered that he gave the money on the 20th, before the game.


And he settled his intervention acknowledging that" to the two days I'm leaving and I don't enter the contest. I forgive 300,000 to leave. " And the midfielder already had an agreement with Atlético de Madrid.

4 Diogo.

The Uruguayan side played the 90 minutes of the match and confessed that that year was "tough on a sporting and economic level." The player, who was owed more than one million euros, thought that "if they enter a money it will be what they owed me" . The amount was 50,000 and 30,000 euros. This was justified by the chárrua. "I was going to my country and had my birthday. I had 10,000 euros each, with his wife, what the law allows. I gave a friend a money, it was a restaurant that I had and that I am in lawsuits with them, although that doesn't come to mind. That man was a restaurant cook. I'm still looking for him, "he settled. 444444 Obradovic.

The Serbian side had to use an interpreter for his statement. Obradovic was on the bench and did not play any minute in the match. "We were in a bad situation at the table and the captains agreed with the club a series of bonuses for games. After each weekend they entered it based on the result," he recalled. And he stressed that he has never "collected anything in cash," nor did he know anything about the premium for the stay, "they didn't tell me anything."

Javier Paredes.

The defender, who currently serves as a lawyer specializing in sports and labor law, said he never received cash from Zaragoza. Paredes also accepted the argument of all his peers regarding group premiums. "They told us that an agreement had been reached to receive a payment by bank transfer. The captain, Gabi told us."

"I presented a report with everything I was owed for that season. I claimed those different amounts of money. group premiums for the points earned. 2 If salvation was achieved, they were cousins and if not part of the salary. "

Regarding Thebes, who assured that he was one of those who carried the briefcase with the cash, even though the president subsequently de LaLiga rectified his statements, and the side said he "does not know him personally" .


The Argentine, who only played for a season in the Aragonese team, endorsed what was explained by his teammates. The group premium was agreed and I don't remember the date, but I do remember receiving that premium always by bank transfer. In any club the captain is responsible for explaining to the group that there are prizes per game won. Gabi explained it and for us it is very normal. "

On the permanence premium and the operation of his payroll he declared the following:" Honestly, I never had knowledge of the payroll, but I did receive the group premiums. I never received this premium or cash and Gabi never told me anything about it. In the year I was never received cash. "

Xavi Torres.

Javea midfielder was the first Levante player to declarear. When playing in Kuwait, he asked to advance his statement on labor issues. The player was asked about the anomalies in his accounts, with absence of bank movements 141 days after the meeting, 72 days without any bank withdrawal in the middle of the summer.


"I explained it and in the expert report it is all detailed. The data is very similar because I lived at my mother's house at that time, coincided with the celebrations of my people, the preseason ... They are months that we spend less ", he said in his defense.


Regarding the meeting, he said that" the permanence was how to win the Champions League for us. It was an immense joy. " And, although they had three days off, they worked the game in the same way as the rest. We prepare all the games, especially the coach. Yes, it is true that once the goal was achieved, the unusual ones also played, you do not have the mind in the game. 2 But we went to win the game, we had many occasions. "

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