Fuenlabrada gets strong with a stopped ball

The azulones carry five of their seven goals in this way (71%). Hugo Fraile, the main danger of Fuenlabreño in this facet.

The standing ball is one of those facets of football that is sometimes belittled, but mastering it is an art. And Fuenlabrada has made the ball stopped one of its most accurate weapons to harm its rivals and, of this way, continue without conjugating the verb lose. Being the best team with a stopped ball (corner kicks, fouls or penalties) in the category with five goals; one less than his persecutor, Cádiz. 444444

The data becomes even more forceful when you observe the goals in favor of those of Mere: seven. Therefore, accounts for 71% of the goals of Fuenlabrada in its magnificent season starts.

The blue strategy

The side faults and corners, launched by Hugo Fraile or José Fran, have become a real nightmare for rivals when In the area, the striker Jeisson or David Prieto, Glauder and Glauder defends. A goal for the battering ram and another for Glauder, but there are many occasions in which Prieto and Juanma touched the goal against Extremadura, Oviedo or Ponferradina. , that is Hugo Fraile. The extreme Huelva is the top scorer of Fuenlabrada at this start of the season, and this is because he is the Mere ball specialist. The player has scored two penalties, the first one was the first goal of Fuenlabrada in professional football, and a foul goal. 444444

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