Florentino: "We must recover our hunger to win titles"

The president of Real Madrid opened the Assembly of Compromisarios. Xana, daughter of Luis Enrique, Keylor and Pablo Laso started applause.

The Ordinary General Assembly of Real Madrid started promptly at 10:00 am in the Basketball Pavilion of the City of Real Madrid. The quorum was constituted with 881 commitment partners in the second call; less than half of the little more than two thousand that were summoned for this Assembly, which started with a video commemorating the past year. This video had little to celebrate in the football section (the Club World Cup, the Modric Golden Ball, the first place in the Deloitte club ranking, the signings of Hazard, Rodrygo, Jovic ...) and much more in the basketball, with the titles of Super Cup and Endesa League. The notary chosen for the Assembly, as usual, was Gonzalo López-Müller.

After the video, which also reviewed images of the quarry and the work done by the Club Foundation, in addition to the final of the Copa Libertadores in the Bernabéu between Boca and River, took the turn of the president's report. "Welcome to this Assembly and to the Real Madrid City. Here the will of the club members is evident and should be done with the utmost responsibility. I always say that the Real Madrid members are the best in the world. A memory for the members that they are no longer , such as Ángel Luis Heras Aguado (manager) or Agustín Herrerín (field delegate and very close friend of Florentino), as well as players who left us (Serena, Pazos, Reyes ...) Also for Blanca Fernández Ochoa and for little Xana, daughter of Luis Enrique ". The mention of the deceased daughter of the former selector caused the spontaneous applause of the room, which immediately made a minute of silence for all those mentioned. 444444

" Last season is not the that we wanted when it comes to football. 2 This team came from winning everything, to what seemed impossible. But we have lacked the necessary intensity, it was a difficult course, I have all We have made self-criticism because we have to turn the situation around. From that self-demand, the necessary transformation must be made. The challenge is to continue winning in an increasingly complex scenario. You have to value what the team has won this year, have an adequate perspective. Also recover the hunger for triumphs after a cycle of 17 titles in the last nine seasons. 2 It is one of the greatest feats in football history. We have been European champions for 1,099 days and we have been 1,001 days as world champions. This summer we have made a great effort to improve a winning squad, which is the current Golden Ball and FIFA The Best, Luka Modric ", continued the president.


" They are players who have won everything, they deserve the Respect and love of the fans. We have incorporated six new players, including Hazard, one of the best in the world, Jovic, Mendy, Militao, James Rodriguez has rejoined and Rodrygo has arrived. And finally Areola, to replace our beloved Keylor ", Florentino explained. The name of the Tico started the applause again; the compromisarios remembered the goalkeeper of the three consecutive Champions. 444444

Immediately, it was the turn of basketball; Pablo Laso took a loud ovation as soon as he was appointed by the president. "It is the fifth League in seven years, a historic cycle, in addition to two European Cups and we have played seven Final Four in nine years. 222222 This team goes beyond from our borders. It is essential the figure of Juan Carlos Sánchez, director of the basketball section ".

Economic health

About economic data, Florentino congratulated himself on the record of income of 757.3 million euros; 7.2% of them come from membership fees, far from 16.5% in 2000. The contributions to the Treasury amount to 319 million euros, 42.15% of income. "Economic strength is essential to compete. That is why the remodeling of the Bernabéu is important. Madrid has been able to close the agreement for the loan without providing guarantees thanks to the economic solvency of the club, "Florentino explained, before detailing technical issues about the work and the subsequent exploitation of the new stadium .

"The alliance with Adidas has been renewed until 2028 with conditions that are unprecedented in the history of football. 2 The stores of the Bernabéu have had about 7 million visits and the Tour of the Bernabéu, 1.3 million. We are 93,176 partners. I want to highlight the role of the Grada Fans of the Bernabéu, they are an example of behavior. Everywhere in the world congratulate us on the behavior of our fans. Our players must feel the support and affection of our fans, especially when they need it most, " continued President Blanor, who said about the work of the Foundation: "We know that our shield is an engine for solidarity. And everything we do seems little to us" .

"Let's put in value what is achieved, this is a united club, Madrid's unity has been essential to achieve triumphs. ” In sports we have initiated a transformation that should lead us to new titles. 2 We are the most valuable club in the world, according to Forbes, and the one with the most income, according to Deloitte, and the most followed in the world, according to Google. This shield is the greatest illusion of many people, is the club of the 23 European Cups. Thank you very much, "concluded the president, after a speech that lasted almost 50 minutes.


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