Florentino: "We like a French one and we will go for him ..."

The president of Madrid responded in his meeting with the compromisarios to a partner who asked him to sign Mbappé before Pogba.

Florentino Pérez met Wednesday with some compromising partners, a custom that the white president has before each General Assembly, to explain some of the issues to be discussed and listen to the doubts of the representatives of the white social mass. A meeting, like the previous one, with several topics on the table: the NBA, the basketball section, the signings, the outings, the relationship with LaLiga, the disastrous last season ...

Fichajes. Some partners demanded greater effort in the market, although the president defended himself explaining that Madrid has tried to reinforce the workforce even more, but that it has encountered a wall, referring to the case of Pogba. Madrid made several attempts, but United was adamant and refused to put a price on the player. "For Lewandowski we have also gone several years and they do not sell it to us. It has been the same case as with Pogba," explained the top white leader. He also defended the additions that have been made (Jovic, Mendy, Hazard, Rodrygo ...) to give depth to the template. At one point, when a partner wielded to him that, if you have to sign a Frenchman, that is Mbappé instead of Pogba, Florentino replied: "If they don't sell them to us. Of course we like a Frenchman who says there and we'll go get him ... But they don't sell it. "

Departures. 2 If a name focused on the meeting, it was Marcos Llorente. Many partners claimed that it should not have been sold to the midfielder and that Madrid now has no replacement for Casemiro. Florentino explained that if he went to Atlético, it was because he wanted to. "He could go on loan, but he preferred to be transferred. Zidane told him that he needed to play, so he left." He also had affectionate words for Reguilón, compared the case of Llorente with that of Ceballos and claimed the sales work that has been done, which has allowed the club to raise about 150 million euros. Although he also acknowledged that he tried to get more players (Bale, James, Mariano ...), but that he could not and that, therefore, Rodrygo has to be registered with Castilla, because the squad is 26 players.

Last season. 2 Despite the fact that the previous course was a disaster, the white president preferred to defend the white squad and remember everything these players won in the past: "You have to be self-critical, but also value everything you won We won four Champions, others tried to win the Champions League last season and couldn't. "

Bernabéu. 2 Florentino called for the white stadium to support more than he has been doing to the team. He was energetic in this defense: "If our players knew that they were applauded more than they were beaten, they would not be afraid and we would surely win more. And some would not want to leave."

Arbitrajes. Madrid has started the course with an important claim in the first three days of LaLiga: a penalty not indicated on Vinicius in the final minutes of the match against Villarreal, which ended 2-2. Florentino, not wanting to be primed with the arbitration, expressed his discomfort: "I do not like talking about referees, but of course it bothered us that that play was not reviewed. The referees must improve and professionalize. We are in favor of the VAR" .

NBA . He repeated his speech about the need to take the basketball section to a new level and his longing that Madrid could one day be an NBA team. In fact, he confirmed that Madrid has requested to enter the Eastern Conference, but distance is an important problem.

LaLiga. The relations between Madrid and LaLiga are not the best and the president, although he wanted to reduce tension, it was clear that he does not agree with how the employer's association of football acts: "They want to collectivize rights that are ours. That does not happen even in Russia" .

Football .222222 One of the strong points of the Assembly will be the approval of the absorption of the CD Tacon to form Real Madrid Femenino, a social demand that the club has decided to listen to at last: "Many partners and fans with daughters asked us and the time has come. We chose the Tacon because it has already formed a structure of quarry ".

Your future. 222222 It was clear about whether he will continue in the next legislature. "I am not worn out," he said, adding that as long as he has strength and feels the support of the social mass, he will remain in office.

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