Espanyol breaks the drought with an express comeback

Eibar, which was winning with solvency in the 75th minute, finished down on the scoreboard in just two minutes.

Soccer returned to Ipurua, in a morning in which the heat, the atmosphere and the new stands of a renovated stadium were the main protagonists. A game in which Eibar and Espanyol played a lot, with the parakeets without releasing their scoring locker and the gunsmiths without having savored the victory this season. The visiting team was able to trace the goal of Ramis in Ipurua and take a balsamic victory of Gipuzkoa lands with which also sinks in the table an Eibar that remains in relegation places with a point in the locker after four days of League .

The Eibar started frantically, with a high pace that it imposed from the throw-in and that sought to surprise a Espanyol who decided to cede possession of the ball to the locals. 222222 The insistence by band through Cote and Tejero, however , barely had an impact due to a lack of clear ideas from the gunsmiths. Cloudy from three quarters, the locals dedicated themselves to putting centers, sometimes meaningless, in search of a goal that did not arrive before the break.

Espanyol on the other hand was comfortable waiting behind, in search of some opportunity that take advantage to get ahead on the scoreboard. And he had it. 444444

Ferreyra took possession of the first clear occasion of the game in 14, in a play in which Arbilla and Dmitrovic did not understand each other and the end was the smartest of the class within the small area. The play ended in a corner, but served to put fear in the body to the Mendilibar set. Enrich was about to score a goal in 41, when the game was totally dead, with a header from behind Cote exceptional center on the most dangerous occasion of the premises in the first half. However, both teams lined the locker room tunnel with the electronic in tables. 444444

The second half was very different. Eibar went out to bite and this time he took advantage of what he had. It was in 58 when a foul on the edge of the area on Takashi Inui led to the first of the premises, in a shot that Ramis put in the network of Diego Lopez after center of Orellana. However, the key moment of the meeting would not come until 75, with a concatenation of events that would end up unbalancing the balance for visitors.

Iván Ramis's injury seemed to make Espanyol wake up, who just in the restart put the tie at 1 through Ferreyra, who also had to be substituted for an injury on that play. In just two minutes, Espanyol turned the score around. 222222 This time it was Granero, who recently entered took advantage of a gift from Sergio Álvarez to finish killing Eibar. Desperately, the Mendilibar set tried to scratch a point that would have known glory given the circumstances. However, the match was already seen for sentencing. 444444

Gold victory for Espanyol, who hits a blow on the table in the League and knocks out a sleeping Eibar.

4 Mendilibar: "You don't have to give the opponent opportunities"

Jose Luis Mendilibar, coach of Eibar, was cariacontecido after the comeback of Espanyol, and after assuming that it was their fault, he said that "the opponent cannot be given opportunities", because "the match lasts 90 minutes, and not 70 ". Mendilibar believes that his people should not leave "with their heads down," because they have "improved some things," but says they must " work during the week to be well, both physically and mentally." " With 1-0 on match was controlled, "but" one play changes everything, "he said. Mendilibar believes that his players have " put themselves nervous" with the draw, and "the second has come."

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