Diego Schwartzman: "Hopefully it bothers Nadal even more"

The Argentine, who owes his name to his parents' passion for Maradona, only 1.70 meters tall, has lost his seven games against the Spaniard

Diego Schwartzman (Buenos Aires, 27 years old), who owes his name to the legendary Maradona, faces for the eighth time Nadal (03:00, early Thursday) after seven defeats. How does he face his game against him? Rafa has got us used to being in these instances and doing impressive things that he keeps repeating on the court. So that is not much surprise. I played many times against him and on many occasions I bothered him a lot. I hope that this time I can annoy you even more and finish taking advantage of the chances I had in other games, knowing that you are a unique player in the history of the sport. 444444

What things in your game bother Rafa? fast after the pique (boat), play low, with my setback, since he likes to put the game together by the reverse of the opposite and mine can leave many dangerous situations that he creates ... It depends a lot on how fine he is and how much he can put him in trouble and be more aggressive than him. 444444

He idolizes Tiger Wood and you, even if he is not here, Diego Maradona, what does he say when he talks to him? Argentine athletes, he sends a message to one because he is a follower of every sport, and every player who has the flag of Argentina on top. Whenever you send a message it is motivational and it is very nice to be able to receive it. 444444

For you it is an idol because it is also a follower of Boca. 2 .. Like Nadal, pro-Messi? Yes, of course, like any Argentine, because it leaves the country very high and is the best player in the world. I crossed it twice and we took some mates. We shared a short talk after playing against Nadal in Roland Garros last year. It makes me very happy to have someone like him representing Argentina, with his humility that shows how great he is .444444

Speaking of greatness, how do you feel now ahead of Juan Martín del Potro and as the first Argentine in the ranking? It is very relative, because Juan Martín is the best we have in Latin America. I hope he can get healthy from his injury and return to the top positions, because he showed his level every time he returned. I don't have a competition against him. I hope to see you on the circuit as healthy as possible soon and to boost Argentine tennis.


What is your goal? his career because of his height (1.70 meters)? I have not had to do more than the others. I have done a responsible job, very hard. I have always tried to grow with the best professionals that I considered by my side. That helped me a lot because I listened to them. I do not believe nor anyone has done anything very different from the other. Everyone has their own way, but I think the base has been to work it and make it very aware that it is the way to improve.


In that Nadal is an example, what do you admire most about him? Just this, hard work, the constancy, the responsibility, the humility, both of him and his team. They are great people. He is seen training each tournament more, doing everything he has to do to keep improving. And to a player who has already achieved practically everything in a sport it is impressive to be able to see it like that.

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