Diego Costa: "Griezmann's dream was to play with Messi; we can't talk badly about him"

The Atlético striker granted an interview to the YouTube channel 'Qué Partidazo' in which he analyzed the rojiblanca news. "He is not a guy who wants to star," he said about João Felix.

Diego Costa is setting a bright start to the season and is one of the heavyweights of the Atlético de Madrid costumes. El de Lagarto has granted an interview to the YouTube channel 'Qué Partidazo' and has analyzed all the news of the rojiblanco group from the exit of Griezmann until the irruption of João Félix passing through his future.

-Return to face Juve a year after being eliminated from the Champions League for them makes there a feeling of revenge in the team?

-No. We know that everyone wants to win the Champions League but playing with a strong opponent in the group stage has its positive side as well. They are a great team, we know them well, we have faced them recently, but there is no feeling of revenge. There is no revenge in football. It is a sport that lives of the moment. You have to prepare to do the best. The rematch is a feeling that does not help, it is bad, it ends up adding unnecessary extra pressure.

-And what is it like to face Cristiano Ronaldo? Like the Champions But when you enter the field that happens and you focus on what you have to do. It is not necessary to have more motivation than the fact of being playing the Champions League by Atlético de Madrid. 444444

-After criticism last year that Simeone suffered for his style of play too defensive in the elimination against Juventus, he has talked to you about changing the system?

-No. We have our style and we will not change it. We are faithful to him. And the players also have our share of responsibility because we have to be attentive to what happens on the pitch, regardless of what the coach says. I unfortunately did not play that game, I was penalized. And that game was complicated. We catch Cristiano on an inspired day. The problem is that we have not managed to do anything, both defensively and offensively. You cannot say that a team is defensive when you score three goals. The important one is not to play nice, it is to win.


-How about playing next to João Felix? to come But for the investment a great expectation was raised and we were waiting for him with great anxiety. When he arrived, he showed himself a quiet boy. He listens to the instructions and doesn't feel a star. And it perfectly suited our group because our costumes are very quiet and do not accept stardom. And in the field, against Real Madrid, he already showed all his quality. In training we had already seen that he has a different, natural talent. And his playing style fits mine perfectly. I like players who like to take the last pass, who play with their heads up, who are already looking forward to the strikers. Because it gives us the advantage of being able to get one step ahead when it comes to unchecking or tearing. And he showed that he is capable of doing that. He has brought to this team something we were needing. 444444

-And Renan Lodi? Is it helping you in your adaptation?

-Yes, of course. How he is Brazilian and also a very shy boy I am always with him. How I know Cholo well and I know that he has moments of patience and others not with the players that arrive, I gave him some advice. But it was not necessary because Cholo's relationship with Lodi was different from the others. He saw that he was a boy who has everything to grow, to be a great lateral, a great talent. He knows that with Cholo he will learn a lot because the offensive part he has naturally, in his blood, and the coach will teach him everything he needs to evolve in the defensive part. He is a very dedicated boy, he is always trying to improve. And what matters is how he demonstrated personality against Juventus and Real Madrid. He showed that he is not intimidated. In the last game he was the best in the field.


-With the investment made this year, is Atlético among the favorites to win LaLiga?

-That is what he tells people to say something. Everyone knows that the favorites are Real Madrid and Barcelona. Although we are evolving, we must be realistic. They are one step ahead of us. Making a good preseason doesn't mean anything. The victories between Real Madrid and Juventus were good, but you know that the level of concentration of a team of this level in a decisive match is totally different from a friendly one. We have a coach who demands the most from everyone during the preparation because the physical side for us is fundamental. A team like Real Madrid or BBarcelona, for example, does not face the preseason in the same way, they always start more slowly.

-What went through your head when Griezmann told you he was leaving? Did you try to convince him to stay?

-No. There are people who want to experience different things. Who am I to judge him. He did something unprecedented here. He was world champion. He won titles with Atlético. When I had to leave I left and was happy at Chelsea. It is not because you leave that you are ungrateful. I think it was time to live something new. We are talking about Barcelona. Inside the dressing room was a great companion. And I always told him that he only played well when he was happy. The emotional part is very important for him. Then I told him to be happy. Of course, the forms were perhaps not the best. Not for this year but for the last year. The movie. It was this that damaged his departure now. If it had not happened last year, both his arrival in Barcelona and his departure from Atlético would have been much quieter. Because it is normal for a player to change clubs. It is his dream to play with Messi. And one wants to prove himself as a footballer. Of course I was sad, I didn't want him to leave. But it is normal.

-What influence did the Cholo have on his return to Atlético?

-All! I just came back for him. The club was not going to want me to come back. The only person who wanted me to come back was him.


-The other day the Cholo said at a press conference that only your presence in the field already changed the soul of the team ... Do you feel added pressure for this responsibility?

-No , no way. I am aware of my importance to the team. Every player knows how important he is. There are players who wear the bracelet but they are not really the reference for many players. I am aware of my importance, of what I transmit, of my limitations. And Cholo knows that I am a player who gives everything when I am in the field. I may be pissed off with him, he with me, wanting to kill him, but when I enter the field I want to win. Then he knows my desire and ambition. Last year was not good, the injuries slowed me down. I played infiltrated. He knows my sacrifice. I have risked as much as I could before operating. I give my life for my work because I do what I love to do the most. I am privileged. 444444

Future: "We will see if in two or three years the Flamengo loves me. It is the team that all Brazilian players, and not only Brazilians, would like to go to. The club is growing and there will come a time in the that all players will want to go voluntarily. Honestly, I would only play in a team in Brazil if I am well physically. Of course I want to play in Brazil because I never played there and it is a dream. If the opportunity of Flamenco comes and if you are well , you can't say no. ".

Atlético: " Here I feel an important player. Atletico is a different team, which transmits something else. For example, the other day we were losing and people saw that it was possible to come back and There was a spectacular climate: Few teams in Europe have something like that, Atlético is not great for being Atlético, but for its fans ... Atlético is a feeling of passion, of struggle, of suffering to and that something that makes many identify ".

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