Dídac Vilà: "It was important to win so as not to get hooked down"

The Espanyol defender hopes that the triumph in Ipurua will give them even more confidence. They already think about the Europa League debut against Ferencváros.

Espanyol finally knows what it is to win in Liga and it seems that joy has returned to the blue and white team. The win against Eibar (1-2) has been balsamic and this gives him even more confidence for the Europa League debut this Thursday against Ferencváros. "It was a very important victory in a field that was always complicated for us. We knew how to counter Eibar and be right. Victory always makes the following games come up much better," Dídac Vilà started. 222222

The parakeet defense already counts the hours to play in Europe League after beating Eibar: "Now what we want is to start in Europe on the right foot and the most important thing is to prove against Ferencváros that the team is at 200 percent and achieve those three points." To beat Eibar took a weight off them? Dídac was clear: "No, but it is true that is very important to start adding in the League so as not to get hooked down. 222222 Everything is very close, the teams win or draw in any field and it is important to add to not stay in complicated situations and to be able to have a more comfortable and confident football ".

The truth is that, in the League, the blue and white carbure team at home because they do not know defeat. Hence the sensations are good: "For the results at home, the start has been a bit awkward because whenever you lose you stay with a bitter taste. But outside we have been happy, you have competed in two complicated fields (Alavés and Eibar.) We have managed to get four points, something that in other years we would not have taken one ".

One of the aspects to be highlighted by Dídac Vilà of the duel against Eibar was: " The team showed a good level of intensity, of wanting the second moves, not giving a duel for lost.If you watch the other League games that bonus was missing, in the field of Eibar it was competed from you to you, we won many second plays, which is what it plays In addition, there was success in the face of goal. " His start to the season has been good because has the blind confidence of David Gallego. 2 It has become a fixture for the coach (it has also 'helped' him that Pedrosa could not be available until Eibar because of some discomfort in the quadriceps) and could not hide his surprise because he played every minute in the League to date: "With the squad we have, and with the folded positions, you always expect more rotations. 2 But Pedrosa has had discomfort and has not been able to enter in the rotations. Physically I feel very well. The previous matches were very followed and less after Ukraine, that there were only two days to recover, everything is being very good ".

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