Dennis: "For one day I feel the fastest uncle in the world"

Rohan Dennis achieved his second chrono rainbow and dodged the controversy over not competing with the Bahrain bike: "The BMC is the one that suits me."

Second chrono rainbow jersey. How do you feel?

Perhaps like the fastest uncle in the world for a day. Getting to this point involved a lot of work and a lot of preparation. I did not compete since the Tour, so I had to squeeze myself and be very strong psychologically. 444444

He ran with a BMC bike instead of the Merida of his team, the Bahrain. I'm going In 2018 I got my first title with this bike. 444444

Did you favor a broken path?

That's right. It suited my characteristics perfectly, with undulating and hard terrain, and extensive mileage. Since I was offered the first references and I checked how well my body responded, I knew that I could get something big and it was like that.

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