Cofidis renews its sponsorship with the Tour until 2022

The financial institution renews its sponsorship with the race until 2022. In addition, they are the drivers of the Junior Tour, which has been going on for nine years.

Cofidis and the Vuelta a España will continue to be linked until 2022. The financial institution and the Spanish round signed a new agreement that prolongs their relationship for three years in which the company will continue as one of the main sponsors of La Vuelta. The respective directors (Juan Sitges, of Cofidis and Javier Guillén, of the Vuelta) signed the signing of the contract in Pau (France), during the first day of rest of the race. "We are very happy to remain united with La Vuelta for three more years. We feel part of this family and we want to continue together for a long time," said Sitges. 444444

For Guillen, , "having companies like Cofidis is a guarantee of success and a joy. We want to keep growing together and make this race bigger and more attractive. ” The relationship adds up to ten years. 2 The financial entity is the promoter of La Vuelta Junior Cofidis, a training-sports project that aims to promote road education, bicycle use and healthy lifestyle habits among Spanish schoolchildren The program, which has already trained more than 225,000 children in nine years. In this edition of the Tour, it has already been held in towns such as Alicante and Igualada. 222222

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