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Marcelino's dismissal reopens a dilemma regarding the figure of the coach. Are results everything to follow? There is a long list with cases similar to Asturian.

Marcelino's dismissal reopens a dilemma regarding the figure of the coach. Are the results everything to continue in a club? Possibly, in most cases it is, but we also run into certain exceptions, in the case of the latter. 222222


The Asturian coach won the Copa del Rey and qualified the team for two consecutive seasons to play the Champions League. An unthinkable achievements analyzing the precedents of table ch. This situation is not the first time it occurs. In fact, even Marcelino himself had something similar happen at Villarreal when he was dismissed after harvesting good campaigns in the Europa League. 444444 Vicente del Bosque

The Spanish exselector experienced a bitter situation after being struck as a Madrid coach after winning nine titles. This situation is still being remembered despite the fact that more than 18 years have passed. Of the six campaigns he sat on the bench of the Bernabéu, he only reaped a blank season.

Di Mateo

Chelsea returned to reign in Europe in the 2012 season at the hands of Di Matteo, who reaped an 'Orejona' in a surprising way beating Bayern in the final. A short time later he was dismissed from the blue club, despite the discontent of the great part of the fans. A fan who still remembers him with love, where it is customary to show several flags with his face. modest. The Italian was also fired after not starting well at home in the following season.


The Italian raised the long-awaited 'Tenth' with Real Madrid. 2 In addition, this milestone was enriched by the Copa del Rey. Two seasons later, Ancelotti was dismissed after lifting the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. The current coach of Naples is fondly remembered by much of the white fans.


A similar case, although with certain nuances regarding Marcellin's, is that of Quique Setién with Betis. The Betic club experienced one of its best streaks with the Cantabrian, where they returned to Europe and defeating rivals like Milan. In LaLiga they also beat Barcelona and Madrid. After a somewhat irregular campaign, Betis communicated his cessation just after having won at Madrid at the Bernabéu. to his team to the final of the FA Cup, where he lost to Manchester City.

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