Chloé Dygert wins with superiority in the time trial

The American won the rainbow jersey after completing the course in 42 minutes and 11 seconds. The Spanish, Gloria Rodríguez and Lourdes Oyarbide, reached more than seven minutes.

The American Chloé Dygert gave the surprise this Tuesday in the elite women's individual time trial of the World Cycling Championships, which are being held in Yorkshire (Great Britain), overwhelming all rivals over the 30.3 kilometer test route . The 22-year-old American girl, , swarmed from the beginning of a test in which in the end it was not as bad weather as expected, and in the tour there were no water rafts that in the morning ruined the career of some of Under-23.

Lo Dygert was a full-fledged corrective, since in goal he overcame his companions on the podium in more than a minute and a half, Dutch stars and top favorites Anna van der Breggen, in the end a silver medal to 1:32 of the winner, and Annemiek van Vleuten, bronze at 1: 52. Both had been silver and gold in 2018 within a Dutch 'triplet', which was then completed by Ellen van Dijk, this year's European champion at home in the locality from Alkmaar. 444444

The runners who were off the podium this afternoon in Yorkshire already lost more than two and a half minutes on arrival. Starting with Amber Leone Neven, fourth and second American at 2:38 from his countryman. He closed the "Top 5" the first of the German, Lisa Klein, at 2: 40. The second, Lisa Brennauer closed a Top 10 with a third American, Leah Thomas, seventh, and another third Dutch, Lucinda Brand, eighth.


The Swiss Marlen Reusser, sixth, and the Belarusian Alena Amaliusik, ninth but leader for a long time They completed the top ten positions of another race with a disappointing Spanish performance. The Murcian Gloria Rodríguez Sánchez was thirty-ninth, at 7:18 of the winner, and the Alava Lourdes Oyarbide, forty-first, at 7: 52. Halfway, at km 14.2, they were already the 40th and 39th, with Oyarbide just 65 cents ahead of Rodriguez Sanchez. 444444

That first chronometric reference was already advancing the final podium , with Dygert already with 1:09 and 1:10 on the Dutch, among which was still a second and a half ahead Van Vleuten , gold in 2017 and 2018 in Bergen (Norway) and Innsbruck (Austria). Neven was also fourth, at 1:30 from Dygert.

4 Women's Elite Time Trial World Cup:

1. Chole Dygart (USA): 42´11 "

2. Anna van der Breggen (HOL): at 1´32"

3. Annemiek van Vleuten (HOL): 1´52 "

4. Amber Leone Neven (USA): 2´38"

5. Lisa Klein (ALE): 2´40 "

6. Marlen Reusser (SUI ): 3´02 "

7. Leah Thomas (USA): 3´12"

8. Lucinda Brand (HOL): 3´15 "

9. Alena Amaliusik (BIE): 3´17"

10. Lisa Brennauer (ALE): a 3´19 "

39. Gloria Rodríguez (ESP): a 7´18"

41. Lourdes Oyarbide (ESP): a 7´52 "

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