Celtic 1x1: Jorge Sáenz's debut lasted eleven minutes

The VAR had no mercy with the central Tenerife and expelled him for stepping behind Soldier. Aidoo and Aspas pulled pride playing with two less.

Rubén Blanco: Dubitative departure in the first goal of Granada. Despite the dominance of Granada, he did not have much work. He could not do anything on 0-2.

Hugo Mallo: He had a very bad time, due to his doubts and the speed of Machís. The inactivity took its toll. Better in attack than in defense. 444444

Aidoo: Stellar. Physically it is a beast. Playing Celtic with two less, he didn't think twice and joined the attack after each recovery. Very fast to the cut. 444444

Jorge Sáenz: His debut became a nightmare at eleven minutes. He accidentally stepped on Soldier on the tendon and the VAR had no mercy. Red direct in its premiere as a starter in First


Olaza: He closed his band well. Very intense. Little could be incorporated into the attack due to the circumstances of the party. 444444

Fran Beltrán: Expelled fairly. The entrance that cost him the direct red was as reckless as incomprehensible when his team was already playing with one less. While on the pitch he contributed to the recovery. 444444

Lobotka: Great deployment for 90 minutes. His fitness has nothing to do with that of last season. The few Celta counterattack options came out of his boots. 444444

Brais Méndez: Escribá withdrew him at a quarter of an hour to recover the team after remaining with ten. The canterano understood the change and left among the applause of the stands. Until that moment only a combination with Aspas had appeared to end with a high pitch. 444444

Denis Suárez: Nothing came out. He wanted to unbalance with his quality always looking for the most complicated option and far from the danger zone. Granada's defenders guessed his intentions and annulled him. 444444

Santi Mina: He could not enjoy his premiere in Balaidos. The expulsions of his team forced him to play almost as a right back. It made him want, sometimes in excess as in the hard fault that cost him a yellow card. Ovated by Balaidos to be replaced. 444444

Iago Aspas: He left several ride of genius, with exquisite technical details. He fought alone against the entire defense of Granada. An impossible mission. He led the team in the pressure until the last second. 444444

Araujo (entered by Brais): He did not feel comfortable despite having Aidoo's help. It was used with excessive hardness at the entrance that cost a yellow one. Undecided with the ball. 444444

Pape (entered by Mina): He gave oxygen to the team helping Lobotka in the spinal cord. Little prominence with the ball. 444444

Pione Sisto (entered by Denis Suarez): Inspired. Reactivated the local attack appearing between the lines. Your best minutes for quite some time. 444444

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