Celades, from La Rojita to his first big challenge

The Catalan coach will debut as a coach in a club. He was second to Julen Lopetegui at Real Madrid.

Albert Celades (Barcelona, 1975) has an enviable medal winners. 222222 His showcases are full of titles. A Champions League, four Leagues, two Cups, an Intercontinental ... And so up to 14 trophies raised the former midfield formed in La Masía that lived its best years in Barça and in Madrid. Celades was one of the few players able to overcome the 100 games with the Barca shirt and the white (101 added with each one). He also went through Celta, Real Zaragoza, Girondins and closed his stage as a player in the United States. The legacy he left was important. 444444

Experience was key to becoming a recognized midfielder. Just that baggage is what is missing in the benches. 222222 The Catalan lands in Mestalla with the biggest challenge of his life ahead. He never directed a club after forging himself in the lower categories of the National Team. First Division, Champions and Copa, the three titles for which the new tenant of the ché bench will compete, will be a novelty for Celades, away from the routine and the maximum requirement so far.


La Rojita was the great bench that had to lead until becoming right now in the replacement of Marcellin in Valencia. From training to the requirement will pass Celades, that will debut on Saturday in the bench of Valencia before a miura: Barcelona. Precisely, su premiere will take place at the Camp Nou, the stadium that saw him take the alternative as a player in the post Dream Team era, still with Cruyff in front of the Barça ship.

After hanging up his boots, Celades dedicated himself to training of players. He soon found accommodation in the Federation. The coach went through almost all the lower categories of the National Team until leading the Sub-21, where he spent five and a half years. For a long time he was the squire and trusted man of Julen Lopetegui in La Rojita. That confidence served to set course for Bernabéu when Lopetegui signed for Real Madrid. 2 Celades arrived as second, but his experience lasted very little.


Cellades always defined himself as an admirer of good football, of the touch game. 222222 His philosophy It has very little to do with the automatisms that Marcelino instilled. In the National Team he had Gayá and Carlos Soler, among others. Precisely, his knowledge of young people may have been key to choosing Catalan. A new stage opens in Valencia, that of Celades, the experience on the lawn and the rookie on the benches. 222222

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