Ceballos multiplies its value

The price of the utrerano continues to rise. In the latest Transfermarkt update, its market value has increased from 30 to 45 million euros.

The great performances that Ceballos (23 years old) is giving away in recent months are not going unnoticed. 111111 The Utreran was valued at 30 million euros on June 11 and has spent just over three months to increase its worth by 40 %, reaching the current 45 million. Transfermarkt, a portal that estimates the market value of soccer players, is updating its database little by little. If days ago we saw how Joao Félix "advanced" Cristiano Ronaldo; o Kubo and Odegaard shot their price, this time the turn was for the Premier League.

The brilliant U21 Eurocopa made by the player this summer in which he was champion and member of the best eleven of the tournament, summed to the good performances that he has slipped in his first meetings with Arsenal (two goal assists and one MVP of the game in 4 games) have made him take off. 444444

The lack of minutes in Madrid last year led to the loss of place in the national absolute combined and the transfer for a year in the Gunner set in search of a goal. "Next year I want to play 40 games and aspire to win, but above all I set the goal for Euro 2020" , the Andalusian warned at the beginning of July. So far, everything is going well. With Emery he is having the minutes that Zidane did not promise him and Robert Moreno made him part of his last list, even playing the decisive match in Romania last Thursday that would end with a Spanish victory by 1-2.

Reguilón also progresses

ceded by the white team is proving positive so far, a to Ceballos, Kubo and Odegaard, Sergio Reguilón has been added that has risen from the 15 million in which he was valued on June 11 at 22 of this last update. The side assigned to Sevilla is indisputable to Lopetegui and if so, it will put the white team in a complicated vicissitude at the end of the season, given that Marcelo and Mendy have the secured position, for the moment. A conglomerate of complicated decisions is coming in the offices of the Bernabéu next year.

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