Casillas gets wet and chooses the best goalkeeper in the world

The goalkeeper answered this Sunday the questions of several of his followers through Twitter and said that it is time to demand a little more from his heart.

Iker Casillas took advantage of the final leg of this Sunday to enjoy some time with his followers through Twitter. 2 The porter of the port opened a question time under the hashtag #IkerResponde where he was asked about various topics. The one from Móstoles chose his favorite goalkeeper, he valued the templates of several LaLiga teams and also other current affairs. 444444

The best goalkeeper: "It's the million dollar question. If I had to stay with one, I would say it's Oblak "

Mourinho: " I have no problem with him. The situations we experienced were ours. We had good and less good moments. " . Little by little. There is no hurry. You just have to recover sensations ".

James: " It gives you a lot of things in a game. It has a spectacular left-handed. I like it a lot. If you let him think, he puts the ball in the place you want "

Champions League candidate: " Notice that this summer I thought Juventus was very well reinforced. Yes it is too early to decide. This has just begun ".

Football:" I am very happy with the investment you are making in women's football. More and more fans are going to watch games. We must continue to instill the practice of football in our children. Educating from equality ".

Joao Felix: " It has a lot of future. Got talent. Of course, they will demand the maximum. The requirement responsibility goes with the price that has been paid for it. You have to know that you have reached a club that wants titles. In addition, people can see him as the replacement of Griezmann ".

Golden Ball: " Van Dijk seemed to me the best defense of last season. The Golden Ball is a difficult subject. Who deserves it? They should create a prize for each position ".

Xavi: " Xavi has ways to coach. I am convinced that both he and Raúl, Valdés, Xabi Alonso ... will be great protagonists of the benches in the next few years ".

Portería de la selection: " It is well covered. Not only the 3 that go. There are others who are there: pushing to go or to return. The coach is the one who decides. Creating competition is good and we all win ".

Marcelino's departure: " It is difficult to understand a coach who has met the objectives. The only possible explanation is that the relationship between technician and manager was touched. Given that, it is clear who has the options to leave ".

Nadal: " Nadal should make a monument in each city of Spain. It is an example for all. We were lucky to see an athlete of his size ".

The selection from 2008 to 2012: " That stage is difficult to repeat. I wish I was wrong but that will be remembered for decades. It will only be valued over time. I am satisfied with being able to win the European Championship next year ".

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