"I can assure you that Schumacher is aware"

A young worker of the cardiology unit would have made this comment to one of her colleagues, as quoted 'Le Parisien'.

“Yes, he is in my area. And I can assure you that he is aware. ” This is the comment he would have made, as reported by 'Le Parisien' a young worker of the cardiology unit to one of his colleagues at the George Pompidou Hospital in Paris. 444444

A clinic, located in the capital of France, which from th this Monday has become a security bunker after the revelation of the entry of the heptacampeón of Formula 1 to follow a secret treatment that could be based on infusions of stem cells, in an attempt to achieve an action Systemic anti-inflammatory that facilitates the brain function of Schumacher.


No further information filters from the first floor of building D, beyond the local visit at 5:15 p.m. by Jean Todt, president of the FIA, which lasted for 45 minutes before silently leaving the polyclinic, this admission, the third since last spring according to He cites the French publication, it should have been made in July, but it was postponed until earlier this week due to an unexpected health setback. He suffered after hitting his head vigorously against a rock in an area of white snow at Meribel station while skiing.

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