Butarque, from Leganés fort to sand castle

The pickles have lost all three games they have played at home: 0 goals in favor, 5 against. They add five consecutive duels lost at home. His last victory, April 4.

Butarque was a fort. Now it is a sandcastle. 2 The topic has collapsed in the home of the Leganés and with it has dragged a team that has gone from being a fierce group in its domains, to a powerless squad with its parish in front. The data scares. The future perspective, too. 222222

It turns out that the three games that Leganés have played this course at home (only one has played out, 2-1 against Betis) have ended with defeat. As soon as the season has started, it is only one to match the four that he added in the last season at home. At the premiere of Pellegrino, Butarque was the foothold on which a historical salvation was built that ended with the best cucumber classification of its 91 years of life.


Because at home the Leganés was (almost) intractable. He played 19 games with 7 wins, 8 draws and just four losses, 19 goals in favor and 16 against .222222 This is: out of 45 points achieved throughout the course, 29 came from home and 16, away. Most of the defeats in their fief were harvested in the final stretch of the season, when the team already looked saved and the inertia was tattooed on the legs of their players.

Similar to the beginning of 2016

Now, with only three days played, Lega already accumulates 75% of those losses with zero goals in favor and five against. In his three seasons in Primera, the historical record of home games lost is in 8 duels. 222222

They were harvested at the premiere in the category, when the Leganés took six days at home to win his first game against his people. It happened on November 21, 2016 against Osasuna. 2 That debut among the best was saved by the good results beyond Butarque.

4 The last local victory: April 4,

Without taking into account the beginning and end of the seasons, the Lega sum five defeats in a row at his stadium because the last two games he played last season against his people also ended up with a visiting victory: 0-1 of Athletic and 0-2 of Espanyol.


The streak is five games played, five lost, zero goals in favor and eight against. The last goal of a cucumber in his stadium was Jonathan Silva, on April 15, against Real Madrid. The last victory of the Leganes against his people happened on April 4, 2-1 against Valladolid with both head of Guido Carrillo, the goal 100 of the pickles in First Division. Also the last with which the public of Butarque left home satisfied after enjoying in his fort, now converted into a sand castle. 444444 The Leganés repeats ticket promotion against Athletic

El Leganés has repeated the promotion he already put in March against Villarreal to make Butarque look the best possible in the next matches of the pickles as locals. To receive Athletic (Wednesday, September 25, 7:00 p.m.), the companions of the members will have a 25% discount on the purchase of their tickets. That is, its locations will not cost between 25 and 40 euros as it will for the general public, but between 18.75 and 30 euros.

This specific sale can only be undertaken on September 17 and 18 in the physical stores of the club (Butarque and Sambil Outlet shopping center). The club does not guarantee that seats for companions can be purchased at sites attached to subscribers. They do not have to be, in any case, in the same sector in which the member has the seat.


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