Betis pays tribute to Rogelio Sosa in Coria del Río

The Verdiblanco club made its traditional floral offering in the church of Santa María de la Estrella and recalled the 'Mahogany Lefty'. Great expectation among fans.

The first staff of Betis and its leaders moved today to Coria del Río to make their traditional floral offering and honor Rogelio Sosa, who died last March. The church of Santa María de la Estrella received the Verdiblanco squad in an act that had the Mahogany Left as the main protagonist. 444444

Angel Haro, president of Betis, led the expedition of the Betic group, with Rafael Gordillo as another of those who focused A lot of attention among the fans present at the arrival of the team. Joaquin captained a template in which the internationals were absent, still present with their selections for the commitments of these days. The reception was very exciting by the numerous greenish fans of Coria del Río. 2

Angel Haro and José Miguel López Catalán, accompanied by Joaquín and Javi García, captains, and Rafael Gordillo, made the offering in a parish full of people. This is a highly anticipated act that aims to serve as an excellent tribute to Rogelio Sosa, one of the great players in the history of the Betic club. 222222

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