Benedito: "Bartomeu cheated and passed the club through the lining"

The former presidential candidate of the club celebrates the sentence of a court of Barcelona that gives the reason in the case of the deadlines of the vote of censure of two years ago.

"They cheated, have gone against the law and justice has proved us right and has shown that Bartomeu passed the club through the lining of the shirt" . With these words Agustí Benedito celebrated the judgment of the court of first instance number 34 of Barcelona, which considers totally discretionary the decision of the Barcelona board to cut the deadline for collecting signatures in the vote of censure against the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu del 2017 hurting the partners of Barcelona. That is, the judge considers that the agreement of the board of directors that considered on Saturday business days for the process of collecting signatures is voided. The sentence can be appealed within a period of 20 days. another thing that they have gained two years and that they have taken advantage of and to put in the statutes that on Saturdays are business days ".

Benedito considers that" if they fail to cut the rights of the partners, the vote of censure would have been held. And seeing the precedents of the previous votes, Bartomeu would not have been president of Barça for two years. ” Today, the reasons are more valid than ever to put another motion of censure, but we alone cannot do it. Font and Freixa decide to act to end this agony, I would support them ".

The ex-candidate made these statements in the course of a press conference he offered in the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya together with Lluís Daniel-Geli and Daniel Vosseler, responsible for the legal services of the candidacy and the censorship vote of two years ago, who explained that "it is an unprecedented sentence"

Benedito recalled that in September 2017, 16,516 members were required, 15 percent of the census, after the amount of guarantees needed tripled. "From the first moment, everything went from the club" , explained the promoter who believes they were deprived of a match at the stadium (the one on October 1 against UD Las Palmas) to complete the goal. They stayed at 12,504,

For Benedito, the current reasons for promoting another vote of censure are, among others, the economic situation of the club that is far from what Bartomeu drew last Friday in the interview on Barça TV. "Barça's debt according to our approximations is over 800 million and there is no Spanish bank that gives a credit to the club because it has been cut. We are much worse than two years ago," , he said.

. the situation the Neymar case: "Neymar's problem was the day he left. The sale of Neymar left a profit of more than 200 million and that year ended with a profit of 13 million. There was a need to sell to Neymar and then what came next was a disaster ".

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