Barça takes a vote if it withdraws the decorations from Franco

It was agreed by the board of directors at its meeting and must be ratified at the meeting of the committees on October 6.

The board of directors of Barcelona decided at its first meeting after the summer to summon its compromising partners on October 6 for the annual meeting in which, in addition to reading the president's report, approving the accounts and the budget, the ratification of the Withdrawal of the decorations that in its day on Barcelona granted to General Franco.

This is a commemorative gold medal for the inauguration of Palau Blagurana (granted 1971) and for a request for the 11221 gold of the 11221 the 75th anniversary of the club (that of 1974) .

The club decided last February to withdraw these medals, but this initiative must be ratified by the assembly and that is why it has been included in the fourth item on the agenda of the next assembly 444444

The club board also He decided to strengthen the area of methodology with the aim of ensuring the legacy of the style of play that is a differential fact of the club. This area will be directed by Paco Seirul·lo. The objective of this area will be for all the football teams of the entity to play in the same way from the base to the first team in both male and female categories.

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