Aritz Elustondo: "I hope the leader clicks on the Reale Arena"

The Real Sociedad player granted an interview on Radio San Sebastián: "From the beginning the work of the club has been good; the signings have been brutal."

Aritz Elustondo has gone down in history for being the author of the first txuri-urdin goal in Anoeta without running tracks. He marked Barça at the premiere of last year. Now he dreams of repeating against Atlético in the re-release of the 'Reale Arena' already finished. The besaindarra, which may be one of the novelties in the rear this day, has been sincere on Radio San Sebastián.


I guess you will really want to play now ... It is clear, because we play at home, in front of our people , because it has been difficult for me to get well, I have had a hard pre-season with discomfort and relapse. But it seems that that is already forgotten and I am available for mister. 444444

Casuality in the summer that by the exits in the defense, I could take advantage to take a step forward ... But I am calm, I think I am in time to take that step. In fact I think I can give it. And that happens by having minutes and wanting it to be an important year personally and to help it to be very good in the collective.


New and dorsal new season ... Yes, the number '6'. I was proposed from the club, because I did not plan to change, I was comfortable with 15. But they told me, I talked at home and with some colleagues, and I thought it was a good idea, well by the club how they saw me , and good for me, because that step forward can also be taken that way. The club told me about something, so happy. 444444

They train their new house, what feelings do they have after training with the stadium already completely closed? The truth is that it is wonderful. The moment you go out to the field it is a joy. Last year it was already seen how he encouraged the fans and I think that this year it should be even more important to add in Anoeta.


Aritz Elustondo has been in the stands cheering as one more follower, and will have nothing to do with it now .. . I had to cheer up, be a ball boy with tracks and play with and without tracks. It dont have any relation to. With clues it was very cold, it was animated, but the heat did not reach so much. With such a field and such a hobby we have to do well, for sure. . To win or draw, but we can not settle for scoring only, you have to go out to win from the first day at home. And for me it would be a pride to redial and live that moment again. Sometimes I wear it at home and I still get goosebumps. But that already happened, it did not serve to punctuate, so I hope it repeats it and this time it serves something.


Is the grass better than last year? I think it was better. Last year it was very easy to get up, and that is bad for players because of injuries, and they don't like to slip every two by three. But the test of Wednesday went well, we talked to each other, and hopefully it is another plus, because it will be good for the game we want to practice. 444444

Do you note the enthusiasm of the fans with this project? From the beginning the work of the club It has been good, because the signings have been brutal. And that's why we see that people are excited. We are a young team, but it is a bet, and although it bothers to lose the derby and that caused some disappointment. But it is early to draw conclusions, because there is a template to do something very good. There will be bad matches, of course; but we will always try to go out and do our game, which is to get the ball from behind. We all have clear ideas of how we want to play and we will demonstrate it. 444444

Do you feel the club's confidence with the changes that have taken place in summer? It is clear, during the summer you see what is happening with Héctor and Raúl, and You realize that you stay with three teammates, who can be headlines in the Real. And it is clear that you have to take a step forward, I am very mentalized to help the team, try to be a fixture in the eleven and show the mister that I want to always be on the field.

How do you see the visit of this Athletic that arrives Anoeta leader? This year they are having a little more ball, but they have no problem throwing the ball up and giving it to the opponent. But the strong thing about them is to get together and then go out to tell. We must be aware that we must go out to the field very intense, go out with the ball from behind to hurt them. And with a couple of arrivals I am sure that people are going to plug in and encourage more, and we want to generate that uncertainty for Atlético. It will be important to win those disputes that they always take. Hopefully the first match that the leader punctures will be in the 'Reale Arena'.


What do you think of the premiere of Joao Felix? The truth that n, because I don't know how Atlético does it, but all his signings adapt well and quickly. He is young, they have paid a lot for him, but seeing how the market is, it does not seem crazy. Now it's my turn to study it, and if it's my turn to play it, stop it anyway so that Joao Felix isn't talked about next week. I knew that I wasn't going to move from here. And I only thought about making the preseason with the Real. And now I am 100% mentalized that I can play this Saturday. I have not received any offer, my head was only in the Real, because I am very happy and I would like to make history here.

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