"We are looking forward to playing and being with our people"

Nacho is one of the fixed ones for Sergio and maintains the same level as last year

The arrival this summer of Barba put into play the ownership on the left side but for the moment it seems that Nacho is still a key piece, he has played everything at this start and has the full confidence of the coach: “In the end it is the mister who He has to decide, I thank him for the confidence but he also needs us to take forward steps because we already know he doesn't marry anyone. ”

On the team's league start, he said: I think we got it right. We are looking forward to playing on Sunday in Zorrilla and being with our people again. ” He also influenced the line of the past course as local: “Last year was a little different, but this year we are clear that our goals are to get the games away from home. We have to give continuity to the last leg of the League, which was very good. ” Nacho valued his next rival Osasuna: “We know how they play. They come from Second with a good level of intensity and dragging a good dynamic. They have started very well, therefore, we must expect the best of them. ”

On the forecasts for this year the side said:“ We come from a year of much suffering and everything indicates that this will be something similar, hopefully not but statistics and numbers say so. We know the limitations that the club has and that we have to put everything on our side. Rowing together will be easier. ” Nacho perceives the growth of the club: “We are seeing it all, the club is taking steps with the intention of growing. There have been reforms to improve the stadium and the workforce is slowly taking a leap in quality. ”

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