Anoeta is renamed Reale Arena until 2025

The president of the Royal, Jokin Aperribay, presented the new name in the box, along with the captains and coaches of the first male and female teams.

Anoeta already has a new name. From now on it will be called Reale Arena for the next six years. This has been presented by Jokin Aperribay, president of the Royal Society, in the box of the new txuri-urdin stadium, where he has been accompanied by the captains and coaches of the first male and female teams; of its entire Board of Directors; and historical players of the San Sebastian club. The new name is part of the agreement reached with the company Reale Seguros for the next six years, at a rate of 1.6 million euros, although this figure is not confirmed by either party, because they have an agreement of confidentiality In this way, both institutions take another step in the relationship that unites them since 2012. when the first sponsorship agreement was signed with the Txuri Urdin team. Reale Seguros in the first insurer that acquires the naming rights of a football stadium in Spain.

“La Real wants to win, and for that we do everything we have done in the stadium, because we work to make the club stronger. And the sale of the naming right of the stadium is a new source of income that will allow us to continue strengthening the club in an increasingly competitive, more global environment and in which we want to continue growing true to our identity. We have not been able to choose a better travel companion than Reale Seguros to go through this new stage. In seven years a solid, sincere relationship has been forged, based on mutual knowledge and trust, ”said Aperribay. 444444

On behalf of Reale Seguros, its CEO, Ignacio Mariscal, has represented the company highlighting the pride in being part of the history of the Royal Society. “From the first moment, mutual trust has forged a solid and lasting relationship with Real Sociedad that has made it possible for our collaboration to have grown exponentially in these seven years until we arrive here today: to the presentation of the 'Reale Arena', something What we are really proud of. ”

Aperribay:“ This is what we have all dreamed of in the Real ”

Excited and with a permanent smile on his face, Jokin Aperribay, president of the Real, attended the media after presenting the new official name of the Anoeta stadium: 'Reale Arena', whose works are finished practically inside, presenting a spectacular appearance, but that there are still aspects to finish on the facade and other areas such as changing rooms and the press area. 444444

special. 2 “It's a very nice day. We have sweated the shirt for this to happen. We have worked and dreamed it. La Real has made an important effort because it is really the one that pays the field, at least in a very high percentage. It's a very special day. We came to a field with athletic tracks that we never wanted. We had been a long time so that it was not so, and for two years we have been fulfilling deadlines that have been met, and we are very grateful to all. "

How do you define the Reale Arena. 222222 the story that we all have to write. Hopefully the six years that we have signed with Reale Seguros is the beginning of many more, because Reale is a name in Basque closely linked to our identity. It is a house that we are all proud of. , where players can feel wrapped up. It can take us away and that makes me very happy. It’s the best signing we can make, a big step forward, because it allows the Real to be stronger now. "

his project. 2 "It is not my work. It is not the Aperribay project, I have never felt it as personal. We could not think of a Real that grows, is competitive and is in Europe with atle tracks Tismo The communion between the fans and the team, the desire and passion could not be transmitted when there was 45 meters between the stands and the goal. It is not my project, it has sincerely touched me to live it as president of the Royal, I am happy and proud, but it is no more. I do not have it as something special for me, it is important for the Royal Society. I am not important ".

Increase in the social mass. 2" Today the last data is 33,036 members between individuals and corporations. We want all the clubs to participate in the first game. We believe that this stadium, this stadium soccer field, it belongs to all of us. " The team is eager to do well. Hopefully this premiere is different from last year and we can win. I am convinced that theQuipo is ready ”.

It is not the end of its cycle. 2“ That depends on the shareholders, who vote or not, I look very strongly and I have not thought about the beginning or the end or the middle, I have not thought it is to finish the field and it is the end. I want to make a magnificent season, inside Zubieta there is a magnificent atmosphere and you have to keep squeezing. I am not going to be a protagonist in anything ".

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