Alkorta: "Ganea and Villalibre are going to have a hard time"

"Either the coach counts on them or they find a team in January," the Athletic sports director slips after not being able to leave both on loan at the close of the summer market.

Athletic Athletic Director Rafa Alkorta revealed that his office was open until the summertime of the summer market: "We had to stay tuned until the wee hours because you never know, working all day trying to have Ganea as Villalibre have a team for to be able to play and reduce the squad, but it could not be ”, slips the exleon. 444444

The salary limit of the Second teams have been impassable sticks on the wheels, Alkorta understands:" It was a decisive handicap, in the end these two players have Left out But it has not been an economic problem of ours, of course, ”said the rojiblanco sports director at Radio Popular, with Barça B pending from the striker (the club wanted him in a Second) and Tenerife from Isma López's exit to fit Ganea, according to AS revealed days ago. 222222

Alkorta added that "there was even some First from another country ( Greece) that has been interested in these two players," but without crystallizing: "They also have the decision to go to a place or not, between some things and the other two will continue here, in the first team. Hopefully they are prepared to see if in December they are lucky and, one of two: or the coach has them, which is difficult, or they find a team in January. They are going to have a hard time, so they were going to leave, "Alkorta says in the face of competition in the left wing and in the lead. Another proper name, Mikel Vesga, was not on that exit ramp: "He had to be a first team player because he is a good soccer player and, in addition, we are not left over from the midfielders market. We will see what happens in the next days ", advanced on the Vitorian, still without summoning by Garitano, the same as Kodro in the first two days of the League.


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