A tie with sweet and sour taste in Zorrilla

The pucelanos advanced by means of Plano, but Carlos Fernández made the tie in the first part by a mistake of Masip.

Real Valladolid and Granada tied in the first game of the week-in-day . Plano ahead of theirs after a great play of Toni, the best of the first part, but then it was the Nasrid team that controlled, drew and sought victory. Only the heart of the pucelanos made in the last minutes they approached the goal of Rui Silva, who was sure to shoot very far away. Voided a goal to Yangel Herrera for offside positional play.


Real Valladolid began wanting to go for the game on the back of a restored Toni who debuted as a starter this season. The youth player wanted to, asked for the ball and offered imbalance. Not only that. It also helped his side, technician's requirement. Olivas was able to overtake the blanquivioletas by finishing off in a defective way a great center of lack of Alcaraz, that formed pair of mediocentros with San Emeterio. The pucelanos controlled and squeezed. As a result, Toni did a marvel close to the bottom line to put the ball on the entrance of Plano that went ahead to Neva to score , in the first goal of the season in a first part of the blanquivioletas. The locals enjoyed good minutes and Salisu could not get it right. Granada, on the other hand, pressed at very high pressure with which it managed to recover the spherical fast and near Masip, but without firing, or creating danger, until Víctor Díaz slipped to the right and put a center to the heart of the Carlos Fernández arrived to finish off the chest of the pucelano goal, but the ball escaped to the Catalan and ended up entering the goal, in a surprising error of the goalkeeper just before the break

Also in the second part, Toni started hard. He tested the Portuguese goalkeeper from afar, but it was only a mirage because the Granada attack began to create danger. Vadillo and Machis tested a doubting Masip from medium distance and the Catalan did not finish giving security in his gloves. The game was balanced, but while Valladolid seemed to have no ideas, could not overcome the visitor barrier, or reach the bottom line, the Nasrids did play inside and out. In this way Yangel Herrera scored after another strange rejection of Masip, but the goal was annulled by having two players in offside positional for blanquivioleta relief without the intervention of the VAR. Unal entered by a stranger by a stranger Guardiola and the pucelanos pressed with medium and long distance shots making Rui Silva work, but without putting him in too much trouble. So the Turk tried and also Hervías of lack, but the Portuguese was sure and did not have difficulties before a Real Valladolid that attacked with more heart than head and that ended up giving another tie. In this way, the pucelanos accumulate five days without winning, while the Nasrids continue with their sensational start of the season despite having broken their streak of three consecutive games winning.

Sergio: "Toni Villa has covered my mouth"

Real Valladolid, Sergio González, valued the point obtained against Granada "because adding is always important", although he has warned that his team was "closer to winning than losing" and that he had the chance to have scored more goals. "This point is more valuable than against Osasuna, at the meritocracy level, because we were a gale in the first half, and we were able to score more goals, while in the second part the match has been more even and competitive," he said. In addition, in that second half "more rainfall was committed, and the pressure and demand prevent players from growing gradually, forcing them to act more quickly," said Gonzalez, who has warned that Toni Villa has "covered his mouth "and will have greater prominence.

In this sense, he has commented that" the player who does not play must rebel in the field playing footballl ", which is what Toni Villa has done in what has been his first title this season , and has clarified that he has always defended that "he had to give a lot". In his opinion, "tdo the team has made a great game, with some mismatch, which has ended with Masip's mistake in the goal of Granada, but with a great involvement of all and at a very high level, since it has been a intense shock, which is what had been marked to try to surprise an opponent who is also intense ".

Regarding the fact of not having made the three changes, the Real Valladolid coach has indicated that" when things work, no there's why change them "and he saw that the players were cmodes, so he chose not to make the last of those changes. " We have offered many arguments to win", concluded Sergio González, who left with good feelings of a match in which he would have liked to offer the three points to the fans, but of which he values the point, given the difficulty of doing so in Primera.-EFE

Diego Martínez: "In Primera it is very difficult to add"

Granada coach Diego Martínez has indicated on Tuesday, after the draw against Real Valladolid, that it was a "demanding and difficult" match, and therefore , that point "has cost a lot", and that puts the feet on the ground of what is First Division. "It has been a bad start to the game, with slips and inaccuracies that made us lose confidence in the game and in that phase we scored, but we are able to remake ourselves, with better ball circulations and, despite continuing without precision in the centers , we managed to tie, "the coach of the Nasrid team has developed. In his opinion, already in the second half, they searched "between the lines and the one for one", but " was hard to reach the area and the game was very close", he added, while showing his satisfaction with the delivery of its players " who have returned to be competitive two days after the previous game" .

" We had our options in a very complicated field, with players with little experience, who are joining the cause because they deserve it, and that is why , we will savor each point and celebrate it, because this is First and it is complicated to add ", he added. Thus, he is left with the "reaction" of his team after receiving the goal and after a bad start of meeting and "mental strength", which has shown the template "against an opponent who could hurt at any time," he concluded .-EFE

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