1x1 of Sevilla: Koundé and Vaclik are pointed out in Ipurua

Ridiculous second part of those of Lopetegui who despised the 0-2 achieved in a large first part of Lucas Ocampos who scored and attended.

Sevilla jumped to Ipurua with the novelty of Munir pointed and made a spectacular first half, putting 0-2 on the scoreboard. After passing through the locker rooms and, above all, after Carriço's injury, Sevilla let himself be traced with three errors that the qualifier of ridicule falls short.


Vaclik: You can stop more, you can stop less . What you can not do is make an exit as grotesque as in the 2-2 colliding with Diego Carlos. And what can not be done, with as much experience as it is assumed, is not knowing how to put a barrier as in 3-2. The confirmation of the horror that was the planning of the previous sports direction.

Navas: Gray and unfinished with Ocampos,

Diego Carlos: With Carriço next door, imperial. Without the Portuguese in the field, overcome and overwhelmed by the ineffectiveness of his teammates. as of those in charge of signing them. Without him in the field, the defense became that of a team of youngsters as obvious psychomotor problems.

Escudero: The worst of the game if it had not been the one formed by Koundé and Vaclik in the second half.

Fernando: Missing in the second part, it seems that they begin to weigh the amount of minutes accumulated.


Banega: He made a spectacular play that will come out in all the summaries and that ended in nothing. As his contribution during the rest of the game. Nothing. 444444

Joan Jordán: It is not as fine as at the beginning of the season but almost every time the team leaves the field, the team plays worse. Lopetegui should realize it. 444444

Ocampos: His gallops in the first half, with goal and assistance included, were around a single game. He is not to blame for the circus show of his teammates behind. Andalusian who prays that "who with children lies down, pisses up". And it is perfectly applicable to the centrals with the face of a child who has not even had a mustache but they play very beautifully. It will be great but, until it is, it will give the rally more than once as it did in Ipurua putting Eibar in the match.


111111Gudelj: He left to close the game and Eibar traced.

Well: You probably don't know yet where you came in or for what. Nor is it his fault.

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