1x1 Alavés: surpassed in the first half; could tie in the end

Great match of Pacheco and in general of the entire defensive line. In attack the thing was different and Manu García, although he played only half an hour, was the most dangerous offensive trick.

Pacheco: Serious and very well placed at all times. He broke several scoring chances of Sevilla and could not do anything in the direct foul of Jordan. Great match of the pacense before a club that has been following in his footsteps. 444444

Martín: He suffered with the rush of Torres and Reguilón but solved the problems quite well. He went up the band to try to take out dangerous centers. The tangana of the end of the match began with a clash with Reguilón. 444444

Laguardia: Serious game of the central hand. Together with Ely he was able to deactivate De Jong but he had to be very attentive to the entrances of Ocampos and Torres. In the strategy plays in attack, he joined the Alavés troops but could not finish off any occasion. It complements very well with Laguardia and, for now, Guillermo Maripán is not missed too much, transferred to Monaco. 444444

Rubén Duarte: One of the highlights although he had to suffer Ocampos at the beginning of the game. Then he began to sing and created a lot of danger unfolding on the left wing to overflow the rivals and take out enough centers within the Sevilla area.


Pina: Pretty unfortunate in the core. Banega and company won the game to the local midfielders. Pina tried to drive some possessions but committed dangerous losses and was seen somewhat slow in some sets. Garitano changed his scheme in the second half. 444444

Pere Pons: He made his start as a starter in the Alavés but did not like his coach too much since he was substituted in the first stages of the second half. He tried to get the ball played but, in general, he was overtaken by Sevilla midfielders.


Wakaso: Undisputed protagonist at the beginning of the new season. It is an unquestionable for his technician for its intensity and physical deployment. Sometimes he flirts too much with cards or with inappropriate decisions. About to make a penalty as soon as the clash begins. 444444

Aleix Vidal: Special match for the Tarragona player who was facing the team that has his rights. It is ceded in Vitoria by Sevilla. He tried to face and overflow at all times with more or less fortune. He was penalized for a stomp but was not awarded at the end. 444444

Lucas Pérez: He just didn't see the door. He has not achieved any goal and hardly had chances against the Andalusians because when the Alavés turned on the rival goal had already been replaced. Great pass to Joselu in the first part to create the best chance albiazul in the first part. 444444

Joselu: More unfortunate than in other days. It was well controlled by the rivals. In the first half he received a good service from Lucas Pérez but crossed the ball too much and went out of the background. Bustling in the last minutes but without too much fortune. 444444

Burke: He debuted with the Alavés coming out from the bench at the break. Great physical presence and good stride. You will have problems with the adaptation and with the language but surely it brings things to the team. He saw a yellow card as soon as he jumped onto the field. 444444

Borja Sainz: It has definitely become a clear alternative despite his youth. He has nerve and self-confidence but could not get into the game too much. It has a record of the subsidiary but already has enough minutes in LaLiga. On Sunday he will travel to Bilbao. He is from Leioa. 444444

Manu García: He was the most dangerous player in the match dressed in albiazul. He came into play as soon as he jumped onto the pitch. He made a deflected shot, was about to score in 88 and the best chance, head, came in 92. He went out of depth by millimeters.


Photos from as.com
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