Zorya, a train of hope in the silenced war

The next rival of Espanyol plays 400 km from home for the Ukrainian conflict, which has coincided with its boom: four playoffs and a group stage in the last five years.

Avoid Espanyol to face each other in the decisive playoff of access to the Europa League with the central sports club of the Bulgarian army, the acronym of the CSKA of Sofia. He will do it with a less renowned rival and, nevertheless, with more potential these years, starting with his access to the group stage 2017-18, in which came to defeat the Athletic Club in San Mamés (0-1) .

Founded in 1923 by the railway workers of the Hartmann Locomotive Factory, under the name of Metalist, also did not highlight the Zorya Luhansk until his amazing League title in the Soviet Union of 1972. By chance or not, his great godfather in the 60s had been Vladimir Vasilievich Shevchenko, first secretary in Lugansk (then Voroshilovgrado) of the Communist Party. 444444

When the USSR disintegrated, only the sponsorship in 1992 of a scientific-industrial association, named MALS, saved him from bankruptcy, although he was years after financial disasters, ups and downs. Until this last five years, with an access to the league and four disputes, with the one of now, of the playoff.

He has coincided su boom with the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, which has been silenced for many months in the media but that still claiming deaths, more than 10,000, especially in the Donetsk and Lugansk region, bordering on Russia. That is why the Zorya plays its games 400 kilometers and seven hours by car, in Zaporiyia. A success survive. And, triumph, a feat.


Photos from as.com
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