Zidane deflates the effect created with Rodrygo and Kubo

They did not take them to Rome, nor did they play in Tenerife with Castilla. It was preferred that they train on Saturday with the first team.

Madrid has a five-day LaLiga debut and Zidane is focused on finishing fining its hard core. The summer casting was closed on the US tour and the proof is that Rodrygo and Kubo, the great breath of fresh air from a very irregular preseason, now are in a species of limbo. This weekend they did not play with Madrid ... and neither with Castilla.


Zizou stopped counting on them and did not take them to Austria or Rome. The paradox is that neither the Brazilian nor the Japanese were before Red Bull Salzburg but they did play that same day with the white subsidiary (3-0 at Alcorcón, with Rodrygo's goal). However, this past Saturday they watched on television the friendly castillista in Tenerife (3-2) and yesterday, the first team in the Olympic ...

Zidane preferred to have them on Saturday in the morning at last training in Valdebebas before embark towards Rome yesterday. A decision that approaches, on the other hand, the thinking of the club. It is not urgent to give them up and they are still thinking that they can stay in Castilla because it is considered that, being still so young (18 years old), training with the first team, together with the best ones, is already an apprenticeship. So is being, when they get off, at Raúl's orders and that is why they are waiting for them in the next friendly of the subsidiary, this Wednesday in León against la Cultural (20: 00h) .

Without the Valverde passport they are blocked ...

Rodrygo and Kubo did not travel to the two final tests of the white preseason because, in addition, right now they are caught up in the passport problem. While Valverde cannot be registered as a community, the team of three non-EU would be occupied by both the uruguayo and Militao and Vinicius, that although he is registered in the Castilla, for practical purposes he is considered a player of the first team and right now he is ahead of its two potential competitors: Rodrygo and Kubo. In order for one of them to play, Vini would have to be the one who stayed in the stands or had to accept playing again with Castilla. 222222

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