Yamaha's problems are not just in the engine

Valentino Rossi points out the top speed as a key factor but the M1, in 2015 when he won the World Cup, also had the lowest point: 318.81 km / h.

It is necessary to go back until 8 November 2015. It was Sunday and also on the last day of Jorge Lorenzo as a member of Yamaha, team which he said goodbye winning his fifth World title. Honda was missing, Ducati had not yet become a great threat and the M1 had won 11 of the 18 wins that was at stake that season. The Japanese saddle was the most competitive of the entire paddock and also ... the motorcycle with the lowest speed of the grid, exactly the same as this season


After the first ten races of 2015 the M1 had an average speed tip of 318.8 km / h, for the 317.8 km / h that you have recorded during the first half of this course. The figure has been reduced, yes, but so has la of Ducati to 322.9 km / h and that of Honda to 321.3 km / h. Despite the decline of all brands, it is still clear that the The mount of Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales remains behind its main rivals, but the numbers show how the tuning forks always suffered from it. And the engine cannot be blamed as the cause of all its ills. 222222

Perhaps the M1 has recently lost other qualities that made it a great motorcycle. They have lost their way since the single exchange was introduced three years ago. Maybe, maybe, maybe ... What is certain is that this mount, the least radical of the entire grid, began to open the gap between the official structure and the rest of the officers since a 2016 camouflaged that, as of 2017, It brought out the problems of the team. 444444

"Electronics is what really hurt us. 222222 Let's say we lost the way when Lorenzo left, but not because he left. What really hurt us was the introduction of the single switchboard, " said Lin Jarvis, Yamaha director to Motorsport. They underestimated the effect that the change in electronics would have and despite the fact that Rossi assured that in Yamaha "the chassis are very good and those of engines, a little less," the team, in those sections, does not work badly. But, although when the problems began they looked for solutions, "we need more." Valentino has already said it. 222222

In Yamaha , the perspective has been lost. 2016. As simple as complex. 222222 Because from that detail, everything else comes. They changed the response of the engine with a new power management that softened the delivery, still found no traction. They changed the chassis to benefit the styles of two completely different pilots and still couldn't find the speed. And now that 2020 arrives, still make changes without finding solutions. 2 Because, the engine, is not your only problem. 2

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