Wu Lei, the newcomer Campuzano and the quarry devastate the morriña

Major party of Espanyol post-Panda against Lucerne to access the final playoff. Nico Melamed, historical, Pipa and Pol Lozano also debuted. And Vargas did it in Cornellà with assistance.

If Espanyol feared for the goal after the departure of Borja Iglesias, could not get better medicine. It did not require a couch like the one Betis had used to present the 'Panda'. They did not even have to resort to the parakeets of their other gunner, Ferreyra, reserved as the majority of theoretical theorists for the LaLiga debut, on Sunday against Sevilla. The only thing that Espanyol needed before Lucerne was time, specifically two and a half minutes, for the rest to dissipate in favor of that enthusiasm that surrounds for now everything David Gallego touches, which was even cheered.

That wand, until now magical with the regulars, it is also valid for those who had less minutes and for homegrown players. Stage suitable for all of them 0-3 of the first leg of this Q3 of the Europa League, in Zuiza. The first was shown on the first occasion of the match between Vargas, debutante in Cornellà, and Wu Lei, centering and header respectively of 1-0. The second was exhibited by Campuzano, who just as Pipa premiered not in the stadium but directly with Espanyol in an official meeting. 444444 The forward was not intimidated, perhaps because of that confidence that Gallego confers, with whom he was 'pichichi' last year in the subsidiary, decades after the coach agreed as a player in Terrassa with the father of Canterano, Felipe. 2 Two goals of Campuzano Jr., in both of them crossing the ball to Müller, converted the little that was left of qualifying in a major party of these days.

And with that spirit he made also debut Gallego, in the second half to two other young men, Pol Lozano and a Nico Melamed who is the first player born in the 21st century who wears the Espanyol shirt and who He was able to score the fourth in the 90th minute. Margiotta had the 3-1 after the only rally of the parrots, but he resolved a Espanyol that accesses the undefeated playoff (both in the Europa League and in the three friendlies he played) and armed Moral On Sunday comes Sevilla, a true level rival to see if the illusion was optical or real.

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