Waldo or how to jump from 2ªB to the Bernabéu, 'cañito' included

The Extremadura player arrived at the Valladolid quarry and is already stomping in the first team

The image of Waldo making a 'cañito' to Vinicius in the Bernabéu has been seen in all the summaries of the day "I keep the attitude of the team, of fighting, looking for the tie and I stay with the previous defensive action that I think I did it quite well; I feel very well, trying to contribute everything I can. " The Bernabéu responded to the play with an exclamation of amazement, something that did not go unnoticed by the player: "It is a pleasant feeling, but I am left with the defensive action, something that cost me and I think I have improved in that chapter." That action made Waldo's phone burn with so many messages "I still have not been able to answer everything, it is impossible. I ended up very happy especially for the point we added, in a field where few will achieve it and we deserved it .

But Waldo's work, his projection and especially his evolution goes much further. The player is entering these first games as revulsive in the second half, but does not lose his patience and points to headline in Valencia: "I am prepared and trained for the coach to count on me at any time, both holder and substitute. We all train every day with that goal. "

Waldo's life has changed dramatically in a few months, at least at the sports level:" I come from Second B and now I'm in First; I will face every minute I have in any situation with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, both incumbent and substitute. It has changed all my life. It seems that it costs me less to play in Primera, with spaces and less pressure; I try to do my best and help as much as I can. "

The indications given by Sergio are always similar both if he comes out as a substitute or as a starter, according to the forward: he. I am calm and I have my feet on the ground to continue improving and growing ".

As for the match against Levante, Waldo sees" the dressing room very happy for these results that are taking place and we face the match against Levante with great enthusiasm , like the previous two, wanting to continue adding. We continue with our feet on the ground. We go to Valencia with a lot of ambition and desire. It will be a complicated clash, First, against a team of great potential, but I hope we have our chances of adding the three points. "

Real Valladolid has started with two good results away from home and seems to feel more comfortable outside Zorrilla, something that Waldo considers to be "a coincidence because we feel better in Zorrilla with our people who give us a plus. We are looking forward to playing in Valladolid, playing a good game and showing our fans that we are their team ".

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