Verstappen points to Hamilton: "He has never had pressure"

Max, with whom the British won the victory in Hungary, believes that the British's performance has only been conditioned by his car.

Don't just peel on the asphalt. The psychological fight has always taken in the competition and now that it competes against you against the current champion and also is called to be his relay in the 'Great Circus', Max Verstappen begins his particular war against Lewis Hamilton outside of track. Because in the circuits, after the step forward that the Red Bull has experienced, the battle between champion and aspirant is becoming more frequent. It is only necessary to look among those who decided the triumph in the last Grand Prix. . The Finn saw the checkered flag in eighth position after an error in the start, unleashing the leadership of a pilot who has only been imposed on three occasions this season (Australia, Azerbaijan and Austria). And it is to performances like Valtteri that Verstappen refers to in 'Motor Sport Magazine' when it detracts from the achievements of a pentacampeon: "Hamilton has never had pressure from his teammates."

According to the Dutch "Lewis depends on his car", but he forgets that the Briton shared a garage with three world champions throughout his career in Formula 1: Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and a Nico Rosberg who snatched the crown in 2016 The German then showed that Hamilton is not unbeatable on equal terms and perhaps, 'Mad Max', even if it is from the hand of another structure, may be the next to put in trouble the trajectory of a champion that is very clear: "All they have to do is look at my list of results over the years, they speak for themselves." And so it is. A Hamilton, at least the figures, prove him right. 2

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