Verstappen on Albon: "I don't care about my partner"

The Dutchman focuses on his work and hopes that the change will allow them to fight for the second place of builders. "A pity for Gasly," he says.

First he, then he and then he. This is Max Verstappen. 2 And he has shown it again after Red Bull made official the chrome exchange between Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon in the energy structure. The Thai, after 12 races in Formula 1, leaves the Milton Keynes branch to become the new partner of the Dutch driver and despite bartering, the same one that Mad Max experienced in 2016 where he relieved Kvyat on the team official, now it seems that he does not go with him. Pierre (Gasly) , but being honest I don't care much who my teammate is, "he assures Telegraaf. The goal in Red Bull is to give Ferrari account in general builders and Max expects Albon to fulfill the role: "The key is that we perform better with the other car and, therefore, add more points for the team" .

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