Valverde: "It seemed that he was going to 0-0, but with Aduriz you already know"

"We were too far back," the Barcelona coach analyzed about the first half. "You have to transform possession sometimes," he admitted, between Movistar LaLiga and the press room.

Reading of the game: “Our first half was not good, the best chances were ours, with two sticks, but we weren't good because they came too fast. In the second half we corrected it, we went upstairs, and the game was ours. But you had to decide with a lot of traffic. It seemed that everything went to 0-0 but with Aduriz it is already known that something can happen in any center, and so it was

4 Aleñá, De Jong and Sergi Roberto away: “Our intention is to maintain a certain distance between players to play. My impression is that we were too far back. Later we did not connect with De Jong but the exit was with the two exchanges. We tried to put the game in the field of Athletic, but we did not get it. ”

Center of the field of the last match against Naples: “ That day we were very well, I wanted to continue that, knowing that both Ivan and Busi are important . I thought it was the best, but we lost. ”

Piqué said that the competition puts them in their place: “ Defeats always oblige. In the end, you have to learn to compete in adverse situations. In the first itempo we were able to receive some goal and in the second, when the match was ours, they scored us. But we have to compete until the end. ”

Suárez's session: We are used to when Leo unblocks these situations, but we have also played great games when he is not there. We also need other things, more unchecking and depth. It is necessary to transform possession at goal times, it is what counts, be decisive. ”

Rafinha: “ It was good because it always gives everything, it has already been very incisive. ”

Griezmann: “ We expect a lot from all players and today I am left with the conjugate, which does not hurt what we expected. ” “When I saw that it was profiled for the Chilean, I expected it to be taller, but connected it well” .

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