There will be GP of Spain in 2020

Formula 1 formalizes the agreement with the Circuit de Barcelona for one more season. The 22 races are possible.

Good news for the Spanish F1, for the Circuit of Barcelona and for the Carlos Sainz Grada: the Spanish GP will continue in 2020 in Catalonia, the agreement with Liberty is already official, although for weeks it was closed after the announcements of the Generalitat. A year is renewed under the same conditions as the previous link with the hope of updating those terms from 2021.

It was not easy, because the 11 entry of Zandvoort and certain external factors made the negotiations seem complicated moments, but the Circuit did not leave of working for them to come to fruition. Now F1 faces a future with 22 races next year that they have to have accepted the teams, although the uncertainty of Vietnam and the Netherlands, pending important works and investments, allow Spain to serve as a wild card in case any delay its incorporation to 2021.

What does not confirm the announcement is the date of the race: until now it was in May, but Zandvoort wanted that weekend. We will have to wait for the first draft of the calendar to see how the Spanish GP fits. Montmeló receives F1 continuously since 1991 and Spain will be able to celebrate its 50th GP at the Grand Circus.


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