The "Borja, stay" is already heard even in Iceland

Pedrosa, 'Panda' and Ferreyra finished off the tie against a Stjarnan who lived his moment of glory with Sigurdsson's final goal. The Luzern waits in Switzerland on the 8th.

Formed by engineers, accountants, real estate agents and students, semi-professionals with mostly double employment to make ends meet, the Stjarnan demonstrated in its stadium, the unpronounceable Stjörnuvöllur, that the 50 minutes he had endured on 0-0 the Last week in Cornellà they were a miracle. 2 The 4-0 of the first leg for Espanyol was soothing for the return, tasteless and perhaps a prize for the humble Nordic, accustomed to these previous Europa League and who visited on the lawn the President of Iceland himself. The behavior of Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, who is called that, served as a metaphor for what the game would be. Costumbrismo, closeness, of being at home. He wore an Iceland tracksuit jacket and strolled around the stadium like another fan, accompanied only by a steward orondo. Civilized country, and that they allow alcohol in the stands. 444444

From the problems of the Espanyol to cross the wall of the passage they went to collect the key of Stjörnuvöllur under the doormat to enter without even notifying. It took just five minutes for Pedrosa to widen the goal door, and to slam any suspicion in the tie, in an individual action in which, in lands of fire and ice, he bargained mid-defense to beat Bjrönsson .

To the pride of the Icelandic president, the Stjarnan savored his moment of glory at 18 minutes, in a penalty by Javi López on Aegisson, which they celebrated with euphoria. It dissipated, though, when Halldorsson, the top producer of the Icelandic League, threw it high. Another 'pichichi', Borja Iglesias, ended up like in the first leg marking and listening to the “Borja, stay” of the fifties of parrots displaced to Iceland. 2 Also as in Cornellà, Ferreyra scored to put the clasp. 2 The precarious prize for Stjarnan, the goal of honor, which was manufactured between Sigurdsson and Bernardo. Luzern is waiting for him in third round. The 8th, in Switzerland. 222222

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