The new Fenati finishes the pole with a final victory

The Italian, who was at the center of the controversy last year, returns to the path of victory almost two years later. Canet gives the lead to Dalla Porta.

Old Fenati is already history, the one who hit the Manzi brake last year in Misano, at 217 per hour, fed up with the pimples his rival was doing to him. The one they sanctioned with two races; to which his team kicked him out of the Moto2 World Championship; which MV Augusta closed its doors despite having signed; to which the Italian federation withdrew the license; the same one who said in disgust that he was retiring to devote himself to the family's hardware store; and the one that convinced the VNE Snipers to re-engage in the World Cup, but in the Moto3 category. All that has been left behind for the new Fenati with a perfect weekend in Austria, where on Saturday he signed the pole and on Sunday an unappealable victory. 222222

And it is that the Italian, errors on the sidelines, is a category driver. In the Red Bull Ring he has met the path of victory, a path that is not alien to him at all. This time is the eleventh for him, as many as Mir to stand at the head of the section with the most victories in the category. 222222 Ascoli Piceno had won for the last time in Japan 2017, almost two years ago, and now he He has removed a huge slab on top that will surely allow him to fight for more victories and who knows if he even won the right to fight again in Moto2. By the way, a category in which Manzi has remained with more grief than glory after the sounded incident with Fenati, from which he rose from rositas by Romano's macarrada of touching the brake, but in which he was quite portrayed as an unclean pilot .

Returning to the pure and hard race of Austria, Fenati broke it in the tenth lap, leaving it planted to his fellow travelers, Arbolino and McPhee, whom he surpassed in the goal, in that order, by 1,097, due to which regulated in the last stages of the test, because it had almost five seconds. And it is that the race was declared wet, but all came out with dry slicks, because there was lane, and in those the experience of the winner was noted, who has a whopping 24 podiums in the category (as many as Bastianini and without anyone else ahead) and that he has been able to win in six different seasons. 444444

The other two members of the podium came to hunt Vietti and Masiá, but the Italian lost him on the same finish line and two laps from the end, with a fall when I was already rolling them. Thus, the best Spaniard was Ramirez, who finished fifth just ahead of his teammate Dalla Porta. 444444

Ramirez and Dalla Porta are fellow Leopard Racing and server will never understand that there are no team orders in such cases. There is only one point of difference between finishing fifth or sixth, but for one point Alzamora won its 125cc World Cup in 1999, for example. The Italian Leopard Racing, in any case, his sixth served to snatch the lead to Canet for a point, since the Valencian could only be tenth. Further back, Arenas 11, López 16º (starting from pit lane) and Alcoba 21º finished. They did not finish the aforementioned Masiá, who went to the clinic for pain in one hand, García and Fernández.

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